Mondeo diesel starting problems - wazza
i own a mk1 1996 mondeo TD. have trouble starting it in the mornings. It will start at the third attempt. Large amount of smoke exits the exhaust when it first starts then settles down to normal idle. It will start first time afterwards even if left for 4 hours.

the glowplug fuse is okay, there is current going to each of the plugs. Have not removed the glow plugs yet. Seeing a large amount of smoke when it starts up i am guessing the fuel does get through okay.

any idea what can the problem be?

If one glow plug is faulty should it start up at first attempt like on petrol engine with a fauly plug???

Mondeo diesel starting problems - solara
Do you really mean current? or voltage?
If it is voltage you detected, then a glow plug could still be blown.
Ideally you want to remove the glow plugs for inspection.
As a half measure, you could test the resistance of each glow plug (disconnecting the supply connection). Any open circuit (high resistance) glow plugs would be defective.
I would replace all four with good quality plugs, especially if it hasn\'t been done before.

Also check the state of your battery, as these glow plugs drain alot of current along with the starter motor.

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