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Hello all. I have a 1999 Xantia 1.9 TD which I'm having trouble starting. At the beginning of the year it was very rough on cold startups so I had the glowplugs changed. After this, all seemed well. Then recently, I've been having problems all over again. I returned it to the garage I bought it from (Peugeot main dealer) and they diagnosed a broken connection to one of the glowplugs, which they repaired free of charge for me. Again, all was well, but this morning I came to firing it up... and it wouldn't!

The symptoms are similar to those experienced when you've run out of fuel. I start to turn the car over and it turns and turns and turns for about 20 - 30 seconds before it considers firing. This is then accompanied by some smoke (hard to tell colour). Sounds like glowplugs again I know, but when checked last week, the garage said they were functioning ok. I also thought there may be air in the system somewhere, but why did it seem to be ok once the garage had seen to the offending wire, especially when I'd been having difficulty each time I started from cold? I must also point out that I doubt they're lying to me because my mum works there!

There are absolutely no problems with the motor once it's running, so I find it hard to imagine the injectors are at fault, but who knows?! Does anyone have any suggestions? Pre-heating relay perhaps?

Thanks in advance if you can help.

Xantia TD starting - solara
If you are handy with a multimeter, measure the voltage at the glowplugs on a cold start. Are you getting 12V at the glow plugs?
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The glow plugs or air,

First, check them yourself.

What glow plugs did the garage fit?

Bosch are the best, they get to 1000°C in just 4 seconds.

Most other makes only get to around 850°C.

Try leaving your plugs on for 15sec's x 3.

Does she start OK then. If yes then the plugs you have are not too good. If she still splutters then I would look around for a leak.

On my 306 the return lines on the injectors showed similar problems, they were allowing air to seep back in to the pump.


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Got one of these myself. It always has trouble starting in winter/cold weather. Catches first time, but splutters for a few seconds, spluttering worse with temperatue drop.

Would an air leak only affect starting in cold weather, or is it more likely to be the heating circuit/glow plugs?

The glow plugs have been changed (Beru), but it made no difference to the starting.

Can you use any old multimeter to test the voltage, or does it need to be up to a certain standard. ie. not a hobbycraft one from argos... How safe is it to go poking around, as safe as jumpleads or another level?
Xantia TD starting - solara
If you are just measuring voltage, any hobby meter will do. But if you want to measure current don't even think about using your hobby meter!
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FWIW we are in "dead battery season" as temperatures drop. Might be worth checking the battery if it's "mature". These machines take a lot of cranking over, especially on cold mornings.

I am keeping a close eye on my XM with its original battery which is starting "uncleanly" at the moment.

Ditto above comment on plugs. Cheap ones are expensive in the long run. My Halfords ones lasted a few months...

Digital multimeters are around a tenner from Maplin and well worth the investment.



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