audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - noviceman
I have above and have noticed cambelt not been changed for 66k,does it need changing and how do I know ?
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - NormanB

I have no specific knowledge of Audis or your model.

The cambelt is a rubber product which deteriorates with use and time and if it fails has disasterous consequence for heads, valves and pistons which at the end of the day translates to big bucks repair. On an older car the repair can exceed the value of the car.

I would consult the Audi stealer for their latest recommendation as to interval for belt changes BUT if it were me I would change it now and would do it myself if possible. If you have a reliable Indy nearby you will get the job done cheaper than at the dealer.
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - noviceman
Many thanks.
I have spoken to local (Knighton-powys) trustworthy dealer who estimates ca £60-80 for job. My old independent thought around £200- God knows main dealer !!!!!
My problem is whether to get rid now and buy another car. More expenses looming............
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - NormanB
If the Dealer will do it for that price it ain't worth getting your hands dirty.

Only you know the overall state of your car, but getting rid because of a cambelt is a bit drastic - they are almost in the consumable category now (like brake discs!).

I am afaid I am very 'old school' when it comes to motors and believe in 'better the devil you know'.
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - noviceman
Thanks again. My electronic circuit board doesn't work and warning lights keep on buzzing ! Various pumps are very noisy and possibly about to fail and the steering rack apparently has a unspecified limited life. I keep on spending money but when to stop ?
I ignored warning buzzer this summer but lost brakes and steering. (Hydraulic pump-£383 ).
Ah well !
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - NormanB
Oh - I see!

Tough call.

Good luck.

audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I would change it asap. I expect someone will be along with tales of starship mileages on original cambelts and brake discs but if it were mine it would be close to its second belt change and a new tensioner roller.

Simplicate and add lightness!!
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - John F
Not starship mileage, but my old '90 Audi 100 [5cyl 2.0] lasted 145,000 with no major probs. Take the top cover off and inspect it occasionallly. Give it a squirt of belt dressing every 20,000 or so. It drives the water pump as well, which is probably more likely to fail first.
My old '83 Passat 5cyl GL used the same reliable engine - I only troubled to change the cambelt when the water pump failed at 130,000 or so.

If it works, don't mend it.
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - NormanB
I would say you were lucky.

While I agree with the general concept of 'it ain't broke don't fix' there has to be an exception to every rule and the consequences of cambelt failure must be the cardinal one.

To compare the cost of replacing a cambelt circa £100 or repairing damage post failure which is £100 plus say £1000 for head/piston work speaks for itself.

audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - noviceman
A result !!

The TOTAL bill for a full 20k service AND replacing of cambelt £188:82!!!!

The cambelt looked fine, actually, but was 67k old.
Incidently I found the old bill- before I had car- from Audi dealer for replacement in August 97- £180:64.
This time I was quoted ca £200 for cambelt, maybe £200+ for full service. It makes u think !
I am going to keep car-despite probs because it is agreat workhorse (semi-estate), comfortable, powerful and very smooth to drive with 5 cylinders.

This means we could get car for wife which is very small !!
Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help.
audi 100 1990/91-cambelt? - NormanB

I am pleased with your good news, sounds like you got a good deal there.

As for ideas on a small car for the wife - I am afraid that is like asking what is your favourite colour! ;-)

However, and while I do not know your budget, I would look seriously look at the Toyota Yaris to see if it fits her requirements. SWMBO has had one for 2 years and it suits her needs - she spends most of the day in the car (work) but around town and sort of 10 mile zips up and down local motorway - she is well happy with it It is an absolutely terrific little car ( and currently No.2 in JD Power survey). I drive an E Class Merc during the week but much prefer to drive the Yaris at weekends for local trips- it is like a go-kart, really nippy around town and almost glued to the road - Downsides: A bit noisy on motorway at 70 (+), I would not like to do any long haul trips, the boot is quite small, particularly if you are carrying rear seat passengers and the rear seat is put in the rearmost position.

Let us know how you get on.


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