Omega Exhaust Price - rileyrm
Has anyone bought a new complete exhaust for a V6 2.5 Omega lately,just want to know if I need to take out a mortgage or not
Thanks. John
Omega Exhaust Price - smokie
Bought a 3.0 V6 exhaust a couple of months back, £260 with 2 year guarantee. I was quoted much MUCH more at some well known places...
Omega Exhaust Price - John24
If you can fit yourself or have someone to fit it, try . Price excluding cats is approx. £125 delivered to your door
Omega Exhaust Price - smokie
I watched the guys change mine, and wouldn't try it myself unless I was properly equipped - ramps, blowtorches etc etc. They used a bit of know-how too.

Having said that, that looks a very useful website to me.
Omega Exhaust Price - rileyrm
Thanks for your help, although a fantastic car,it does hit you in the pocket to maintain it,I would still buy another, but sadly production has now ceased. John
Omega Exhaust Price - DL
An Exhaust fitters job is a mugs job - full of pitfalls and potentially (expensive) problems...

Personally I HATE fitting exhaust systems.....

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Omega Exhaust Price - RobertH
Just found out that my exhaust blowing on my Omega 2.5 CDX I took it round to my local exhaust supplier and have been qouted £185 fitted but this is less the Cats hope it helps


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