wot, another omega question! - scotty
I first came across this forum when looking for anwers to probelms with my omega - yes, yet another failed climate control.

Anyway, onwards to the point ---->

When driving on a straight road, I seem to have to steer to the right more than I would have expected. I've got a newish set of tyres on (Goodyear Eagles) and I've had the tracking checked (twice). Could it be just down to camber? My local garage says wider tyres (mine are 225s) are more susceptable (is that spelt right?) to this.

When I was driving in France the other week the effect was (almost) unnoticeable. Driving on the right meant the camber was the opposite way so perhaps that is the answer.

Has anyone got a full answer?

wot, another omega question! - Sooty Tailpipes
Get a four-wheel laser alignment where you get a big a4 printout so you know they are OK, before suspecting bushes and tie-rods etc...

I have bad tramlining on my Omega, I reckon this is due to the tyres being on the rear and moved to the front, when I get new ones in a week or so, I will post here. I have had 4 wheel alignment checked at two renowned places and the second just praised the first.

I did have new dampers, and it could be that they did the bolts up without the weight on the car. This will be checked if the new tyres dont cure it.
wot, another omega question! - scotty
Thanks for advice - I had a laser wheel alignment check done on Saturday. No problem found and (remarkably, I thought) no charge either!

... but where does that leave me? The car doesn't pull to one side as such, it's just that I seem to need compensate for cambers more that I would expect to. I guess it's possible I'm just noticing it more now that I'm aware of it. Does anyone else have this as an issue.
wot, another omega question! - Sooty Tailpipes
Mine didn\'t used to be like it, until I rebuilt the front end, because of all the road humps, I thought I rather get new bits before parts fail, and if they do, I will show they are not very old, and complain to the council.

I got (all genuine Vx) new strut/damper assys, strut bearings, and 4 tie -rod ends, and 4 wishbone bushes, and also the steering idler for the centre tie-rod.

After all this the dealer put the rear tyres on the front at my request, and I went and bought new back ones, the handling at speed and round twisty roads is marvellous, but at about 30mph on the worn ringroad, the car weaves about because of the two troughs worn by LGVs and PSVs.

I am getting new tyres very soon, so will be interested to see what happens, if not, I\'ll go back to an alignment place and have them undo the strut to hub bolts and do them up with the weight on the wheels (in case the dealer didn\'t) and change the toe to compensate.


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