Is it legal to have mismatched tyres?

I recently took my car (2017 Citroen C3 Picasso) to my local dealers for a slow puncture problem. I get free puncture repairs with my service plan. They diagnosed a split in the sidewall, which meant I needed a new tyre. They offered to fit a Nexen, but as I have Michelin Cross Climates on all four wheels it would mean having two mismatched tyres on one axle. So I asked if they could replace it with the same, i.e. another Michelin. The tyre they fitted was a Michelin Primacy 4. This means there is now a mismatched tread pattern on the two front wheels. Is this legal? And could it affect the handling? Also the tyre they fitted has a speed rating of V, the others are a T, what difference will the speed rating make to the handling (if anything)?

Asked on 19 October 2022 by Geoff Bowley

Answered by Dan Powell
This is legal but very poor customer service. Mixing and matching summer tyres with all-seasons is not a very good idea (in my opinion) as the Cross Climates will have more grip than the Primacy in wintery and wet road conditions. This has the potential to destabilise the handling of the car.

I would suggest making a written complaint to the service manager of the dealership and asking for an explanation.
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