Present State of the A303 - Simon (Anne\'s Other Half)
Never used it, but have been recommended it as the best way to get from Margate to Torquay. Rather than M4, then M5.

I am looking to do a healthy motorway speed, probably leaving the M25 at 5pm (I know, but it cannot be helped).

Are there roadworks, natural bottlenecks or speed cameras to be aware of?

Any info would be of use to me.
Present State of the A303 - mlj
5pm? I had to do this route once at this time and.....
Presumably you will go M25 - M3 - A303? Once you hit the A road dual carriageway prepare for lots of cars wanting to get home asap. As you progress, it becomes, for long stretches, two lanes only. If you can accept in advance that this will mean 50/60mph and treat it as such, then progress is fine. And you get to see Stonehenge, albeit at a distance.
Speed cameras? Of course. Signed and visible.
From here in Cornwall this is always my route to London. However, I accept it will take 4 hours. Good luck.
Present State of the A303 - king arthur
M4/M5 would be a much longer route, so although you could probably attain a higher average speed, it wouldn't get you there any quicker. A303 is much better now than it used to be, far more of it is dual carriageway. But there are one or two cameras in really stupid places.
Present State of the A303 - Altea Ego
Its good and fast dual carriageway from M3 till just short of Stonehenge, then its mix of single carriageway, three lanes (middle overtaking lane) and dual carriageway till just short of Honiton. Has cameras but all highly visible and obvious. From Honiton to m5 at Exeter its all new motorway type stuff with no cameras. Clogs up on the mixed section during holidays and friday afternoons/evenings. Its a nice pleasant run, plenty of facilities along the way and much nicer than the M4/M5
Present State of the A303 - Phil I
Could not fault your post at all RF but please keep it dark otherwise we shall have all these people from M4/M5 cluttering the place up.

Present State of the A303 - Simon (Anne\'s Other Half)
Thanks for all the info.
It reinforces my desperate desire to leave site by 3.30 (if I can.....)
Present State of the A303 - turner
How do you find radio reception in Winterbourne Stoke? Especially if you have an Audi.

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