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Just a comment really that people like me often forget about specialist brokers. I've seen the name Adrian Flux mentioned a few times here now, and although I don't know of them myself, if I was in a slightly 'difficult' to insure category, that seems to be the way to go?

As an experienced driver with a full No Claims, the cost of insurance for our 19 year old learner driver daughter was a big figure (not disputing that it should be, by the way) and obviously, we were looking for the most cost effective way to insure her. This took a huge amount of research before deciding. Lots of looking at various Pro's and Con's and hugely varying results.

In the end, this is what we did:

Car owned and kept by me (mother)
Policy taken out by me, with daughter and husband named drivers
Policy states daughter is the main driver (she might not be, but this seemed the safest be to be totally honest)
No NCD (used on another car)
Policy cost £700

Cheapest option I could find in her name, with me as owner and keeper (lots of firms wouldn't entertain this) was just over a thousand. The £300 saved this year, we will offer to her, towards her first policy in her own name, which she will take out once she has reached 21, in two years time, when hopefully (driving record all heing well) she will find the quotes come down quite a bit.

As the car will be kept in the family for daughter number 2 to learn in, she'll be looking at buying her own car by then, and that will either be a cheaper second hand model, or if she wins the lottery (!) a new car with free insurance available to over 21's.

There's a possibility that she may go abroad within the next couple of years too, and so it didn't seem at all worthwhile trying to help her build up a NCD now. A couple of years extra age and experience are going to help a lot at this stage in her life.

That's the theory anyway.

Hopefully this information may help someone else in a similar situation. Insurance company was a well known supermarket btw.

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