Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Lucy James
Help !

My Insurance Renewal premium is nearly £ 900.00 this is for a Fiat Punto 1.2 !

I have even been quoted up to £ 1800 by Norwich Union Direct.

How on earth am I supposed to afford this ? its no surprise that so many people drive with no insurance and I guess this has an effect on the amout honest drivers end up paying.

Can anyone reccomend a decent insurer / website who might be able to give me a quote that is not so breathtakingly obscene.

Hope you can help !!
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Tom Shaw
You don't state your age Lucy, but I believe Diamond are competitive for young female drivers. Sorry, but don't have a contact no. or address.
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Michael
apparently Tesco insurance are competitive as well.
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Andy Bairsto
Insurance in the uk is unbelievably expensive .I know off two friends who live in the uk who use french insurance companies.But lucy did not say her age.My sons has a BMWW316i coupe third party in Germany cost him 400ukp and he is 21
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Paul Whitehead
I fing Dial Direct very good value

www.ddirect.co.uk of see yellow pages

£320 FC protected NCD Volvo 940 GLE
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - John Slaughter
Uk insurance for youngsters is very expensive, and there's no substitute for ringing around.

We're now paying £470 fully comp for a 1.2 Corsa because my 18 year old daughter is included. That's with years of no claims. It would be about £300 less for just my wife and I. That was the best quote I could get and came from Norwich Union Direct.

DW - I don't fancy your daughters chances of getting insurance on a Land Rover when they start driving!


Young girls and Land Rovers. - David Woollard

Insurance won't be a problem if the cooking oil supply dries up.

I haven't a clue about the rating of a Land Rover. At 45yrs plus with full no claims, no endorsements, low rated rural area insurance is about tuppence for anything. Best is the tractor, fully comp, any driver, liability cover while contracting etc.....£50!

Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Lucy James
I am 23 - have been driving for 3 years thanks for the advice !
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Keith Bassett
It all depends on your age, area you live, no. of years no claims bonus, occupation, exact model of car e.g. Punto 8 valve, 16 valve, Sporting etc., claims history etc. etc.

Assuming you have fully comp, are under 25 years old and don't have full NCB then the £900 sounds about right. No insurance co. is cheapest for everyone. You could try a local or national broker who can search a selection of cos. and give you their cheapest quote.

Alternatively (and this would be my suggestion), go to www.find.co.uk, click on 'car insurance' and you'll get dozens of on-line cos. and brokers. Try a few of the big names e.g. Eagle Star and Direct Line + a few of the others. This should quickly show whether your £900 premium is reasonable compared to the market. It's a bit of a slog though. No need to give your real name/phone no. etc. if you're just after a quote. This avoids follow up sales calls.

Good luck!
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Nick Ireland
You might be able to get some sort of 'deal' thru connections with your work, trade union (if you have one) or are you a Civil Servant? If the latter try Frizzell in Brighton, 01202 752007 - this may not be the right number for a quote but they will pass you on. I will not annoy you by telling what I pay per year for full comp etc but it less than half the amount required by any of the Direct Line, Admiral, Budget, Tesco etc lot. Good luck, try Frizzell anyway, they insure with Liverpool Victoria, thay have a very good claims service too - I have had to use it!
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - Ashley
Car insurance is dear full stop. My first car was a Nova 1.2 merit. Fully comp it cost me £450, i was 18 at the time. Now i'm 27 and i drive a 1.9 SDi Polo, same type of policy i'm paying £570 and that's with 5 yrs no claims. It has cost me an extra £70 to protect my no claims, but that's a small amount considering what i'd lose if i don't protect it.

You have to start somewhere though. Go through the Yellow Pages and the like and phone the freephone numbers first, then the calls that are charged at local rate, this will keep the phone bill down at least !

I found Eagle Star the cheapest, but do take into account what benefits you'd lose by trying to save money. What i mean is i could get cheaper quotes but they didn't include breakdown cover and a courtesy car if my car ended up off the road for whatever reason. They also cover my car stereo etc as long as it's the original equipment and the boot contents if they are stolen. Plus i get european cover for a month for that year.

Please read all policies carefully ! My brother insured his car last year and discovered at renewal time that they'd charged him for any car insurance ! He didn't bother to read the policy so he paid more for nothing. He'll learn.

Good luck,

Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - J Todd
There was a thread on this just a few weeks ago. There were many suggestions there - with examples of quotes from various comapnies for different young driver age groups - which may be of help to you. Use the Search function on the top right of this column to find the thread.
Re: Ridiculous Insurance Premiums - pipmeldrew
Lucy, try on-line at elephant.co.uk. They are the cheapest I have ever found, Make sure you request a full quote, don't set any store by their initial 'estimate'.

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