What's the cheapest car to insure for for my son and his wife returning to the UK from abroad?

My son (48) and his German wife (56) are returning to the UK from Canada. I understand most insurance costs do not recognise NCB obtained from abroad. What car would you recommend to start the NCB ball rolling for son, wife and 19-year-old grandson to drive? Money will be tight and therefore no more than £4000.

Asked on 26 June 2019 by doi209

Answered by Andrew Brady
Do they need a big car? Generally, the smaller the car, the cheaper it is to insure. So something like a Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris or Ford Fiesta (with the 1.25-litre petrol engine) would be a good choice. If more space is required, a Skoda Octavia would be a good buy. It's very practical and insurance shouldn't be extortionate if they hunt out a 1.4 petrol. Shop around for insurance quotes - even without any NCB, it shouldn't be too expensive for a couple of their age. The 19-year-old son is likely to add to the cost, though. Here's our guide to cheap insurance which may prove useful: www.honestjohn.co.uk/cheap-car-insurance/
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