What car should I buy to transport my disabled mum?

I'm going to have to change my car to help transport my disabled mum. She has been in a Nissan Juke and Skoda Karoq both of which she can get into more easily. Given I do a lot of journeys on my own I don't want a big car but one that I can take Mum in, put her mobility aid (4 wheeled walker) in the boot, do the shopping and use as a run around. I'm looking for a petrol engine as I do mainly short journeys (20-30 miles round trips). I enjoy driving and would like a fun car to drive, if possible. I tend to keep my cars for 8-10 years so I'd like something that has good reliability. I could spend up to £30k, but would prefer to spend £20-25k.

Asked on 7 August 2023 by virginia

Answered by Andrew Brady
We'd recommend a Ford Puma. It's similar in size to a Nissan Juke but more fun to drive, while it's also very practical (especially with a hidden 'megabox' compartment in the boot). You could also look at the MINI Countryman - another stylish and fun-to-drive SUV with easy access, or a used BMW X2.
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