Another air con q.....Vectra - Quinny
I have a 97 on a R 2.0DL Vectra,whose air con probably needs re-gassing,as it isn't working like it should.

2 local specialists have quoted me £80 to have it done.Personally,I think thats a bit steep.I do need to get it done before this weekend as I'm on holiday for 2 weeks.

So the question is:Does anyone know someone within 10 miles of Wakefield,who could do it,and who isn't related to Dick Turpin?

Names and phone numbers would be most useful.

Another air con q.....Vectra - Dave N
If it's empty of gas, then you have a leak. So £80 may be the least of your problems. Usual leak areas on Vectras are hoses and compressor front seal.

Hope you have luck getting it done before the weekend, and the whole world and his wife have waited till the hottest week of the year to decide their a/c isn't working.


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