Parts for Isuzu Rodeo - joe
Yes that's right, and Isuzu Rodeo. A mate of mine bought one a couple of weeks ago from a dealer in surrey who specialises in US spec left hand drive vehicles. It is a 4x4, and looks just like a Vauxhall Frontera. It must be the same platform , and the result of some kind of joint venture. however, the engine and transmission is not Vauxhall. It has a 3 litre V6. It is about 10 years old (and a bit of a dog).

Mate bought it as he was emigrating to France. It got him to his new home, but the next day the exhaust expired and the clutch gave up. His local french garage says that it is not possible to get parts for the car in Europe, and parts would need to be shipped (at vast expense) from the US. I may be asked to try and get him his money back (under the new consumer regulations) but if that does not happen, does anyone have any bright ideas as to where parts may be had?


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