stained leather seat - richard price
Dont spill wonder wheels wheel cleaner on leather as it stains. Need to spray small area, car is newish, leather still very good condition, where do I find the paint code for the interior on a jag xtype.

Richard Price
stained leather seat - matt35 {P}
I just loaned my leather cleaner and conditioner to a mate so don't have the details to hand.....go to Google - find Gliptone, Todmorden I think - and read the product list.
I think you can even send a small bit from under the seat to them and they will give you specialised advice - I suggest you phone them as they seem to be experts and are Jag approved. £12.35 got me enough cleaner and conditioner to last the life of the car and it looks and smells great.
stained leather seat - richard price

Thank you for your response, i use gliptone it is a very good product and gives the car that new leather smell. I will contact them re a colour match.
Richard Price
stained leather seat - Dynamic Dave
Dare I ask how you split it on the seats, as the wheels are on the outside, and the seats are not?
stained leather seat - richard price
Dynamic Dave,

Well i went down to the local car wash, wonder wheels in box did not relise there was a very slight leak, not evident but managed to soak into the cardboard packaging. Come on Dynamic a solution please.


Richard Price

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