Squeaky... - Gen
I have a squeaky door and a clutch pedal that squeaks every time I press it.

I think it may go if I dump grease on them. But then I thought I'd try WD40 first. WD40 dissolves the grease doesn't it, so though these are two solutions, they seem to be opposites.

So, do I need more grease or less. Confused!!
Squeaky... - Andrew-T
Gen - WD40 is a 'loosener', a penetrating fluid, not a lubricant. But it can be useful in carrying a proper lubricant into an otherwise inaccessible place, where it deposits the lubricant and then evaporates.
Squeaky... - Gen
Thanks Andrew

So what I want to do is get a great big dollup of grease and stick it on with my finger then? Is it better to buy some grease in a DIY or motor shop? Also, is there different strengths of grease if you see what I mean ie viscosities?

Many thanks in advance!
Squeaky... - Andrew-T
Gen - you'd be better off asking an expert! There will certainly be different grades of grease, but also general-purpose grease which would do, or Vaseline. But there may be gobs of spare grease on the car's jack, which you can apply with a cocktail stick - more precise than a stubby finger. If you plan to use WD40 to carry the lubricant, a drop or two of engine oil may work better. First you must locate the exact source of the squeak!
Squeaky... - RichardW
Try spray grease (available at the factors). This comes out nice and thin so penetrates into small spaces easily, but then as the solvent evaporates it thickens up and stays put, unlike WD-40. You just need a bit of rag to catch the run off before it goes sticky!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Squeaky... - Dizzy {P}

As you suggest, there are different viscosities and types of grease. For example, there's lithium-based grease which has good resistance to temperature and often used for wheel-bearings. Then there's calcium-based grease (light/medium/heavy grades) which has good water resistance. Etc, etc.

However, for the sort of use you are after, where getting the grease into the assembly is more important than its physical or chemical make-up, I'd go along 100% with Richard's suggestion to use a general purpose spray grease.

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