Volvo S80 reliability - ajay
I am contemplating purchasing an S80 for around £11,000.
There seems to be a lot of bad comments about the '99 model's reliability in the forums.
Is it just restricted to that particular year or are all of them a bit suspect?
Which model is thought to be the best and how does it stack up against a BMW 5 series, which could be an alternative choice.
How do the servicing costs compare?
Volvo S80 reliability - MrWibble
I'm looking at a replacment for my company 318 next year and both the S80 and 5 series figure on my list - newer car, better safety and less anti-BMW bias vs handling, badge, nicer dealers and slightly better build quality ? Is that fair ?

Anyone got any suggestions for a similar car that will take 25k miles/yr, have a reasonable image, not cost an arm and a leg to insure / service (under £1000 / yr for serving) and around £20k ? Around 2 - 3 yrs old and I have looked at Great Trade Centre and similar but just wanted some advice.

I did consider a nice 2000 S8 for a moment but SWMBO wants me to retain my licence .... patience .... patience ....
Volvo S80 reliability - SjB {P}
My father has owned one of the very first ('98) S80 2.4 models to come in to the country, since new.

Nothing has failed.

One recall when nearly new due to a minor track rod issue.
Fixed by his local dealer with nary a quibble, despite Dad's being personally imported from the Netherlands. Dealer has since had all Dad's servicing custom.

One headlamp broken by a stone.

That's it.

Dad's S80 is not the most dynamic car to drive, though far from a teaspoon in yoghurt. On standard suspension and 16" wheels it is more compliant than my 17" shod V70 2.4T with 'lowered dynamic chassis' as Volvo call it, though mine is easier to drive quickly on the bendy bits. You pays yer money, and all that. The S80 can come with much the same suspension set up, if you wish.

Both his S80 and my V70 are fantastic to travel long distance in. Beautifully quiet and serene, even at speeds that would get you locked up in the UK (We have 'explored' the cruising abilities on many an intergalactic foray right across mainland Europe), acres (and then some) of space, plus the best seats you will ever find. Dolby Surround stereos with Dynaudio speakers take a lot of beating, too.

My two penn'th.

Volvo S80 reliability - Steve S
I'd agree with SjB about the S80.

The other bit I would add is that these engines are proven. If the service history is fine, it's no greater reliability risk than anything else on offer.


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