Hippy hippy shake-up

hip, hip, hooray. The despicable, rip-off stealth tax on property HIPS scheme is being abolished by Cameron and partners. I had one done when we wanted to sell. The inspector spent all of five minutes at our house. He checked the water meter and our light bulbs, worked out our u values. For this we were ripped off the sum of £400. Arthur Daly had nothing on this mob. Before you think, why is this bloke going on about property, my brief is cars, I will tell you. On radio 5 today they had one of those defeated Labour deadbeats going on to say: “when we are re-elected we are going to bring in a HIPS scheme for cars. This pratt went on to say it would be a great thing for the car buying public and it could create thousands of new jobs. The dipstick went on to say she would like to see the DVLA given the brief for such a scheme, as they would be worthy administrators. Well I tell you, I and a lot of the public do not have more money to give to these pillocks.

Asked on 31 July 2010 by JF, Dorking

Answered by Honest John
The DVLA cannot run its own operation 100% efficiently and to compensate it has made up ‘laws’ over notification of change of keepership and applied them via the magistrates courts. It is only because of the inevitable outcry (and an e-mail exchange between me and a JP) that magistrates came to realised they were applying non-existent law. (DVLA v Collins, Clerkenwell Magistrates Court, October 2009, DVLA v O’Sullivan, Staines County Court October 2009, DVLA v Peck, Horsham County Court April 2010). Thank heavens the country saw the sense of getting rid of the previous administration.
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