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My son recently bought an imported Toyota people carrier. The vehicle is shown as first registered (abroad) in 2000 but not registered in the UK until 2008. The DVLA has issued it with a date related 'W' reg on the basis that it was manufactured in 2000, but insist that it qualifies for group M tax band as the emissions are 272g/km. When I pointed out to the DVLA that by its own admission the vehicle was manufactured in 2000 and therefore according to
its own website should be taxed at £180 a year it argued that neither point was relevant. My son was told when he first taxed the car at a post office (for £222.50) that it was an error in the tax band and that the DVLA would sort it out. Having spoken to the DVLA one gets the impression that they make the rules up to suit themselves. Is there anything that can be done?

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Answered by Honest John
Unfortunately, that is the well-known Catch 22 of CO2 tax on used imports. The vehicle is classified according to the date it was UK registered, not the date it was built or was originally registered. It's the same for everyone and there is no way out.
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