DVLA lost my V5C - what do I do?

I bought a used Megane Scenic in January 2013. The seller is known to me (son of a work colleague) and his dad mailed the log book to the DVLA the next day, registered from work. I heard nothing for over a month and called them and was told due to the bad weather there was a delay and to give it "another six weeks"

I did this and heard nothing so called again and was told they did not have the log book although the Royal Mail showed it was signed for on January 22nd.

I sent my V5C/2 and waited. By the start of June I was anxious and contacted the DVLA again. Again I was told they had never received it. I had kept photocopies and sent one. Two weeks later (last week) the DVLA sent it back saying they do not accept photocopies AND returned my original green slip!

I called them asking what was going on and they said to send the form back a third time.

I did this and the original seller got a letter telling him to renew the tax disc. I asked him if he would tax the car if I gave him the money as I travel 50+ miles to work and the same back daily. He refused and sent the letter back to the DVLA explaining he didn't own the car.

So my disc runs out on June 30th. I have the photocopy of the green slip, the MOT, and my insurance. What can I do?

The local post office refused a copy and this means that I may have to SORN the car until such time as the log book arrives.

Asked on 25 June 2013 by MarkinGtBarr

Answered by Honest John
You're stuffed because the DVLA has lost the V5C sent to them by the vendor and won't admit it. All you can do now is obtain a Form V62 and register the car in your name.
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