Volvo C70 - Phoenicks
Me and my partner are thinking of getting a C70 but can find very little info about it. I was hoping someone might be able to give some assistance.

firstly i was thinking of getting the T5 but didnt know what the performance difference between that and the 2.4t were?

Also what sort of mpg can you expect (on both)?

Also what are the pros and what are the cons of the cars?

Basically i'm looking for as much info as possible! I'm sorry its a little demanding but it would be a great help.

i look forward to your responses!
Volvo C70 - Steve S
I have a T5 GT which I have run for 20 months and over 62k.

The 2.4T is the engine I wanted as it is more smooth and only misses out at the top end. An auto box makes this marginal as it tends to smooth out the peaks of the higher pressure turbo.

I would thoroughly recommend it and will probably have another if I can get one in four months time. Routine servicing is all I've needed and I'm on my third set of front tyres (Pilot Sports) which is excellent for such a powerful FWD car.

I'd avoid the ultra low sports suspension as this car is a grand tourer and not suitable for throwing round tracks. That said it handles very well on normal sports set up and even on comfort (for the 2.4T).

The ride is a bit fiddly at slow speeds over rougher surfaces but this is now an old chassis. This effect can be reduced by going for 16" wheels if you can find some you like. It is no issue at all if the roads are good.

Try to find one with the Pro Logic stereo - it's awesome.

Good luck, I happen to think it's one of motoring's best kept secrets. Largely because journos are obsessed with rear wheel drive type handling, which with this stylish mile eater - is missing the point.
Volvo C70 - Phoenicks
Thanks Steve, great help.

Whats the performance of the 2.4t v T5?]

How pokey does the T5 feel (for overtaking etc.?)

Also what sort of MPG do you get, or how many miles to a tank?

I cant find anything to touch it for £10-£12k i must admit!!
Volvo C70 - Steve S
The 2.4T felt smoother and the power you get is lower down at more usable revs. The 2.4T also comes with a softer suspension set up unless "sports" has been opted for, which adds to the feeling of smoothness.

It is still fast. If you check HJ's road test of the S60 - you will see that he likes the 2.4T engine a lot. It seems more effortless than the T5 but does not have the ultimate "umph" at high revs.

The T5 is blisteringly quick and the front wheels need to be well shod to get all the power down. Both 2.4T and T5 overtake with ease. The auto box is also excellent and if you want the T5 - it is preferable to the manual as it smooths out the peaks - you just plant your foot and she goes!

As for petrol, I get 400 - 430 per fill up (60-62 litres). You really want super unleaded, I use Optimax and it makes a difference to the performance and is slightly better on the consumption too.

I usually get bored before my two years are up - this time I couldn't care if I had to have it longer and would willingly have another.

So much better than a 3 series IMO even if the ride and handling is not so sharp (it's an older design for a start). The 5 series is really the competitor here in terms of comfort and space - but I've had one of those and apart from the fact that everyone hates you, they're so common and not as good looking.
Volvo C70 - Phoenicks
Great point on the bmw thing- for £12k i could get a T5 for i would only get a V reg new shape 318!

Strange question but my girlfriend must have Rear Park Distance Control, does it have this?
Volvo C70 - Steve S
No but they are cheap to retrofit.
Volvo C70 - sean
Hi Phoenicks,

I haven't got most of the info you require, but I can tell you, having spent a long time working at the Volvo Engine plant, in Skovde, Sweden, that they passionately believe in continuous improvement and quality.

They are very much into TPM, FMEA, SMED, six-sigma and 5-S.

I can tell you all about these, but everyone else will nod off.

I've seen the best environmental treatment plant in Europe there, too.

They wash things down the drain, then separate out aluminium from machining, oil, grease, treatment chemicals etc, then recycle the water through fish tanks.

Superb products. Possibly even better than VW, but not really, as I'm biased.

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