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After recently changing insurers, i think i may have a few problems any advice on where i stand would be appreciated.

Started my new policy on 21/4 phoned the old brokers, and requested my no claims certificate. This still hasnt arrived. My new insurers have told me they will cancel my new insurance if this isnt supplied next week. Is there any way i can get them to send my proof of no claims?

Also i managed to get the number of the insurers off the brokers yesterday, and managed to speak to somebody they still have me as living at my old address for some reason. All documentation for the old policy came to the new house (moved almost three years ago), they are now saying that as i didnt notify them my insurance was not valid, i told them the broker obviously knew about it as they kept sending me renewel letters etc. Where do i stand on this if they do retroactively cancel my insurance?


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Tell your new insurer who your broker was. If they;re a good company they should chase it on your behalf. Explain you're having problems getting it.

Always take the name of the person you spoke to (at your new insurer as well as old) and the time and date you spoke. That way if they promise to sort it for you and they dont and then you can complain to a manager.

If they cancel your insurance you should get a full refund as they're saying tehy're not covering you for that period. to take payment they would have to offer a service.
Insurance Problems, - Mark (RLBS)
>>If they cancel your insurance you should get a full refund as they're saying they're not covering you for that period. to take payment they would have to offer a service.

Probably not. More likely a pro-rate refund where you run the risk of them pro-rata'ing the gross premium and you getting very little back.
Insurance Problems, - Mark (RLBS)
1) Insurance cannot be cancelled retroactively. Under some circumstances (not these) they might have a case for recovering any claims expenditure from you, but they cannot cancel the insurance without 7 days written notice.

2) Your insurance was not invalid *even* if you had not told them of your c.o.a. And you have very obvious proof (renewal notices) that you did tell your broker.

3) Which insurance company ? Because if they're accessible, then simply go down and get the proof.

4) Do you have the renewal notice ? That is almost certainly sufficient as proof of NCD.

5) The new company can cancel your insurance, although it would be more normal to simply ask for additional premium.
Insurance Problems, - DavidHM
I was in a similar situation to this a couple of months ago. My renewal notice was not sufficient proof of NCD as it merely stated a renewal premium 'if your circumstances have not changed' and gave no indication of my NCD.

My insurer has a policy that it must be provided with proof of NCD within 28 days of the start date. I told them from the outset that I hadn't received proof and their policy seems to be to cancel the policy unless told in advance that proof will be a problem, in which case they will quote based on no previous insurance history with the difference in premium recoverable if the proof does eventually come through.

I solved my problem by going down to my former insurance brokers, and asking them for the note in person. I then faxed it immediately to the new insurers and got the full policy document through within about 3 days.
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I also had this problem when changing insurance companies. Took out new insurance policy and requested proof of NCD from old insurers. Two months (and several requests) later, nothing received and new insurance company getting very shirty threatening to cancel insurance.

Solved the problem by telling new insurers that I'd asked old insurers several times for proof of NCD but had no reply. New insurers then chased old insurers for proof of NCD, which they supplied within 48 hours.
Insurance Problems, - tone
I've told the new insurers the details of the old broker and insurer, but they dont have a working phone number for the insurer and they wont except me telling them a number.

Im more concern about having my insurance cancelled and then having to answer yes everytime an insurer asks if i've ever had insurance cancelled. I've been told thay this dramatically effects premiums.

1+2. So i should have no problems with my old insurers cancelling

3. I was thinking i may have to do that, but its a pain having to have time off work.

4. My renenwal notice doesnt have the NCD on it, unfortunatly

5. From what you and david say this may be a preferably route if i cant get my proof through in time. I'll probably call them monday if i've had no joy and see if they will agree to this


Insurance Problems, - Gen
Ring up and ask to speak to a manager. Ask his name. Explain that you have decided to use another insurer and his staff are deliberately trying to stop this occuring.

Explain that you are complaining as a preliminary stage before making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Explain you find it shocking that such a well known company as theirs is trying to restrict competition in the car insurance industry and that you will be writing to newspapers, Watchdog etc to make sure they are aware of it, in particular consumer right pages etc.

Ask them if they are a member of the Association of British Insurers (with 95% of market share they probably are) and make it clear that you will be informing the association of one of their members acting outside the best interests of the association.

Etc etc

You get the idea right? Look on it as an exchange. If they cause you hassle, you cause them hassle.

Somehow I think your NCD certificate will arrive long before you do any of these things...

Insurance Problems, - eMBe {P}
Seriously good advice from Gen. I second it. Do really try it, and remember, always take names and wherever possible ask to speak to a supervisor, then Senior Manager, and go up the chain until you get a satisfactory solution. Good luck.
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I long ago gave up on phoning any company, as you tend to spend ages on hold, are assured that something will happen, and then when you have to call back later in the week because they failed to call you, all knowledge of the previous call is denied.

I now just fire off well worded letters, with signature on delivery, and find that much less stressful, and at 29p, cheaper than spending hours on the phone.
Insurance Problems, - Colin M
I recently switched from Eagle Star to Norwich Union. Eagle Star quoted the NCD on the renewal notice but when I asked NU if they'd like a copy as proof of my discount, they said they didn't ask for proof unless a claim was made!

Insurance Problems, - Cliff Pope
What's all this fuss? I've changed insurers loads of times and never been asked for proof of NCD. I assumed they all have access to common information and can look it up for themselves. Likewise car details. Give them the reg no. and they immediately know what make and model.
Does your company still use quill pens by any chance?

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