Renault 19 1.4 Energy Engine change - Rob
Hi guys,

I am changing the engine gearbox in my friends H reg 1.4 energy Renault 19.

Now this fine (ahem) car has the carb version of the 1.4 energy engine in it - and my mate in his infinite wisdom has gone and got an engine and gearbox out of a 70k M reg \'19. As this version of the energy engine has the single-point injection module on the top inplace of the carb, I have a cunning feeling when I go to connect everything back up its not going to work....

I havent even started yet for this reason - but does anyone have any clues as to how different the wireing is for the injection unit?? I still dont know if he took the ECU and associated bits out of the other car so it may be a non-starter anyway. Im also slightly worried that the M reg car had a cat and therefore a whole host of associated sensors talking to the ECU :S

Also, I guess the injection version of the engine is not much different so could I get away with simply un-bolding the sack of pink fluffy dice off the top and putting the carb (which is still good) from his old engine onto it ?


:O) - Rob
Renault 19 1.4 Energy Engine change - Altea Ego
Pick a fight with your friend, ruin the friendship and walk away from this one unscathed. This sounds like a real load of trouble brewing.
It may be possible to mount the entire carb/manifold on the new engine but it dont sound that easy. I assume there will be differences in the fuel feed arrangements (pump, fuel return etc)

I saw the guys on scrap heap challenge rip an engine from a sierra that had fuel injection to use in something else. They never got that one running either.
Renault 19 1.4 Energy Engine change - Rob
Yeh thats exactly what I was thinking about doing !!

I feel I am participating in a Scrapheap challenege - His car done 167k on this engine and it has the bodywork to prove it - he paid £250 for the engine and gearbox, when he could go get a J reg newer 19 for £300-£400!!

Having been out and looked at the engine (which was very nicly deposited at my house yesterday) - there doesnt appear to be too much different apart from the fuel pump, its single point injection so it has no fuel rail and assosiated carp.

Any other thoughts - apart from throwing a torque wrench at my friend?

:O) - Rob
Renault 19 1.4 Energy Engine change - DavidHM
I actually have a G reg 19 1.7, but mine is nicely loaded for its age and has barely half the mileage of your friend's. A couple of times I would have scrapped it had it not meant looking for another car while using only public transport.

They're good cars if they're reliable but they're not worth anything. If it meant a new engine and box change, it would be scrapped - period - because I wouldn't have the use of the car in that time either.

Time to let go, sorry.
Renault 19 1.4 Energy Engine change - Rob
Told him to go stick it - according to renault you gotta change the wireing loom :) My spanners are remaining clean...

...but I now have a Renault 1.4 energy engine and box thats done 70k - Anyone want it??? Im in cornwall.....


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