Nissan Micra- loss of power. - KeithP
I have a Nissan Micra 1.0 16v 1993 (the newer shape one).

It starts and idles OK, but complete loss of power when the accelerator is pressed and cuts out.

I have changed the fuel filter, rotor arm and distributor cap with no significant benefit.

Could it be a faulty fuel pump or something else?

Many Thanks
Nissan Micra- loss of power. - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Keith,

Quite a few possibilities here, I am afraid. Common problems include airflow meter (incorporated in throttle body unit), throttle position sensor (incorporated in throttle body unit), and ignition amplifier (incorporated in distributor) but the amp usually only fails when really hot. Either way you really need to get it checked out by somebody with diagnostic skills and equipment before commiting to expensive parts - look in your local Yellow Pages under Car Engine Tuning or Engine Tuning.

If a replacement throttle body or distributor are required your best bet is BBA Reman on 01634 230055. They specilaise in japanese electrical bits.

Regards, Adam
Nissan Micra- loss of power. - KeithP

Thanks for the help, it appears to be the fuel pump.

Though nissan want £104 + vat (apparently only available through nissan dealers) :o

Cheers again

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