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I have purchased a used leather trimmed VW steering wheel with airbag from a VR6 to replace the plastic one on my VW TDi.

Both cars are 1997 , have airbags and they look indentical except for the leather trim.

Two allen screws underneath secure the VR6 airbag to the wheel.

I understand I should disconnect the battery to avoid inadvertant airbag deployment but am rather nervous about removing the TDi wheel.

When I last changed a steering wheel (20+ years ago) there was a large nut with a split pin.

Can some kind soul tell me what secures the wheel to the steering rack ?

Any other tips/hints ?


tips : removing Golf mk3 steering wheel - RichardW

The drill with airbags is GENERALLY take the battery off and then go for a long cup of tea before you get anywhere near it. When refitting, reconnect battery and then turn on the ignition by reaching through the door, only when the airbag warning light has gone out will you be sure it is not going to deploy. Some cars may need a trip to the dealer to reset the airbag light after it's been off. Consult Haynes or similar which should have specific information. When carrying the airbag about, carry it in front of you with the bag pointing outwards. Store it somewhere out of the way in case it goes off.

Steering wheel probably just splined with a nut holding it on. May need some jarring to get it off the splines.

If you are not happy, take it to someone who is! Shouldn't be more than 1/2 hours work.

Thanks Richard - MartinVF
Thanks Richard for the advice.

As my DIY skills are limited to changing oil/filters etc I think I shalll visit my local dealer and ask them to do it.

Once again thanks

Thanks Richard - Peter D
Do not reconnect the battery until all the work is complete as you will trigger the Airbag fault light and the dealer will charge you to reset it. The wheel is held on with a single nut. do not use the steering lock (ignition to hole the wheel for you get a mate to hold it whilst you undo it. Regards Peter

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