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Londoners can report cars without valid tax discs by using a new hotline.

The city is being used to pilot a new enforcement line which will be available nationwide over the coming months.

There are currently about 187,000 unlicensed cars on London\'s streets - worth more than £21m in lost revenue.

Many are involved in crime and they are often uninsured.

The government estimates the national cost of uninsured driving is £500m - or up to £30 to the legitimate car owner\'s annual insurance premium.

\'Bout time.
But how do they find out who they are, if owbership changes haven\'t been reported?
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Who cares, shop ,em and scrap 'em.
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I have been tempted to do this to a neighbour (well actually a neighbour's daughter's boyfriend) whos car is always parked on our street. Tax ran out in February. I'm not the sort of person to report people for things like this (everyone has done something at sometime which is iffy including me!). But its annoying as we pay this tax, and it begs the question about MOT and insurance cover.

Assuming that an anonymous call can be made (to crimestoppers - I don't live in London) what would others do in this position?

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Shop them, no question or doubt. This thread brings up the old chestnut though - abolish the road fund licence and gather the revenue from fuel tax, and replace the tax disk with an insurance disk. With one action the number of tax dodgers would become zero and the number of uninsured drivers would be drastically reduced.
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Or operate the road fund licence as a form of insurance premium tax - thereby passing on collection costs to the insurance industry!
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Scrap the tax disc? Do you trust politicians? Can't you just imagine: "Tax Disc scrapped - all our problems are solved" - Only 25 pence tax on a litre of petrol to recoup the same money. Five years later, "New Tax Disc scheme to improve our integrated transport system." The reason petrol is £1.04 a litre just gets forgotton...
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I tend to find cars forever-lasting parking opposite my driveway, which makes it very difficult for both my neighbour and myself to get our cars in and out. Our road is quite narrow.

Have spoken to plod about this problem and have received the usual negative answer that one expects.

However, I always make a point of checking tax discs on these cars, because I know that is something that I can do something about! I've seen a couple of the same cars a week or so later out there with newly-purchased discs.

Coincidence, perhaps??!!

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As the owner/user of a P.C. you can do this from the comfort of your own home:

From the DVLA site:

How do I report a vehicle that appears to be unlicensed?

If you wish to report a vehicle that appears to be unlicensed, the details should be sent in writing to your nearest DVLA Local Office. This may be done anonymously.

The details must include:

the registration mark;
location of the vehicle;
the make/model, colour;

wherever possible, please provide:

the time it can be seen on the public road;
name and address of the owner;

The information provided can then be used for further investigations by an Inquiry Officer who will make a formal sighting of the vehicle and complete a witness statement.

You may also send the details by e-mail at

(We are currently developing the system to allow you to report vehicles via this page).

Alternatively, you could complete a witness statement yourself; these are available at DVLA Local Offices or you can download a copy by clicking here. You should be aware however that if a statement results in prosecution, a copy has to accompany the summons and in some instance the person who completed the statement may be called as a witness.

We are in the process of introducing a telephone hotline where you may report vehicles that appear to be unlicensed directly and anonymously. Details will follow shortly.

Crimestoppers offers a reward for information why not DVLA, say a £5 of your next RFL.


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If you saw a bloke nicking stuff at the local supermarket, you'd be a wally not to report him to the management...
Or has it become a 'don't get involved' society?
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Unfortunately this country HAS developed a 'don't get involved mentality. You only have to drive round London for a while and witness a mogging and then watch as everyone just backs away and you have to run halfway down the Finchley Road to catch them yourself only to be told by the Police that you shouldn't have got involved and the bloke whos arm you are twisting can now sue you for mental anguish, GBH etc etc.
It makes you sick.

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I do hope this new craze of Mogging (is it something to do with cats) does not spread.

On a more serious note, this is another laughable scheme.

The reason that most of the untaxed cars are left lying around in our area is that they are unwanted mot failures with no value and will cost money to take away and dispose of.

The difference will be that cars worth a few quid will be picked up and sold on, while the ones worth nothing will be left to fester by the side of the road.

I may have recounted in the past that a neighbour where I grew up went ten years without having a tax disc, despite being pulled over by plod and despite my father telling the police/local council/dvla, all of whom passed the buck and were not interested

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