The great mayday petrol debate - egor
Am i right in thinking that shell optimax is the best petrol followed by texaco? How about esso where do they come?
Aso how do i work out my m.p.g do i fill up from empty take note of litres set dial to 0 miles and repeat on next fill up and compare or is there more to it than that?
The great mayday petrol debate - ShereKhan
I find Total petrol always gave me better economy than Texaco. I've just changed car, so I have yet to see if it still makes a difference or not.

I'm running on ESSO seeing as Peugeot like to recommend ESSO lubricants. I don't justify paying premium for Optimax. I think petrol is already overpiced in the UK.
The great mayday petrol debate - roscopervis
Texaco, BP, Shell, Esso and Total I have found have better regular unleaded petrol. Texaco's Super unleaded is extortionate round here (92.9p per litre!) but is good. Optimax is good too but I dont find it any different to Esso's Super Unleaded in terms of performance, running or economy.

I find supermarket petrol isn't as good but more than adequate, it depends how much cheaper it is.

A story. I have, in the last couple of months, got a 11 year old Primera. Since I have had I have filled it to the brim 4 times, twice with BP, once with Shell (normal unleaded, optimax doesnt make any difference in this car-no knock sensor) and once with Tesco. The BP tanks got me about 485 - 495 miles, the Shell tank got me 505 miles and the Tesco got me 475 miles each time I have figured out the economy by refilling it again to the brim.

BP 1 = 37.32mpg BP 2 = 38.74
Shell = 39.58 mpg
Tesco = 36.55 mpg

As far as possible all driving conditions have been the same, as I do the same commute every day with little variation in time taken to get to work and driving style. I would add however that at the start of BP fill 2 which occurred immediately after BP fill 1 I put an Ecotek device on my car. That is the only variation in conditions that has occurred.
The great mayday petrol debate - Thommo
Petrol is petrol, buy the cheapest.
The great mayday petrol debate - oddbod
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Sigh, will you grow up a bit?
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The great mayday petrol debate - 007

Egor...For lots more info, use the search box above.

Enter 'Texaco or Shell', select the first on the list (with four red stars)and you will get 41 posts to read.

Then enter 'MPG' and you will get thousands of posts!

BTW...the conversion is 4.545 litres = 1 gallon.
The great mayday petrol debate - StuW
Since there are only a limited amount of oil refineries in this countries surely all petrol in one area is likely to come from the same source? Personally i just use whatever is cheapest and nearest and have never noticed any variation (certainly not significant)in performance or mpg. I don't know about stuff like optimax since its far too expensive! But all other unleaded will probably be the same. As far as i know the safeway garage down my road gets its petrol from the big local oil refinery not far away in Stanlow (yes thats the place where all the fuel protests started!) which is a Shell oil refinery so whats the point going somewhere out your way for the same stuff!! As people saying about different MPG with different petrol, mpg varies a bit with every journey. Personally i imagine getting petrol from somewhere like shell is placebo like effect for the driver!
The great mayday petrol debate - RichardW
The moderators will soon ban discussions on the quality (or otherwise) or fuels as they happen about every month or so....

Yes, most petrol in an area comes out of the same refinery and is made to the appropriate British Standard. However, different oil companies add different additives, and this can affect running, emissions, and the long term life of an engine. Optimax is different as it is a special petrol, made only at Stanlow by Shell, and which has specific additives, slightly different properties (it is fractionated with a lower final boiling point), and higher RON than normal unleaded. Only improves your engine's performance if the ECU is designed to adjust the engine for different fuels (and if it runs on petrol in the first place)!

Personally, I once filled my car with supermarket diesel, it ran like a dog, smoked like a chimney, and the MPG dropped about 15% - I didn't do it again.

The great mayday petrol debate - Mark (RLBS)
The moderators will soon ban discussions on the quality (or
otherwise) or fuels as they happen about every month or so....

I\'m contemplating combining the fuel discussions all into the one thread. Just like we do the speed camera, jokes, and I have a question threads.
The great mayday petrol debate - oddbod
Sorry Dave, just my humourless attempt to display my disbelief about peoples interest in tiny differences in fuel consumption. Thing is, my lot appreciate unsophisticated toilet humour; I sometimes forget that normal folk don?t want it.
The great mayday petrol debate - jud
if the Ecotek device you refer to is in effect a large magnet, then i can tell you they do not work. I trailed one for 3 months it made no difference to economy, in the end i got my money back.
The great mayday petrol debate - Altea Ego
the ecotek is not a large magnet, its an "air swirl" or "lets more air in and leaner mixture" device. Never used it, dont know if it works
The great mayday petrol debate - jud
I run my A4 1.8T on Asda petrol, and have used it ever since sales started, using optimax gives no noticable improvement, sometimes i will use esso and again quite happy with it.
The great mayday petrol debate - Marc
Read an article yesterday that said Shell was pulling out of the French retail market due to increased competition from supermarkets over there. Could this happen in UK? I know my local garage (Shell) didn't get its contract renewed recently - it's now a Murco.

Seems to me these days that most of the big name petrol station sites that close either get bought for other purposes or are taken over by the budget players.
The great mayday petrol debate - 3500S
Only ever used supermarket petrol once and it was as if someone had suffociated the engine by blocking the air filter. It wasn't immediately noticable and more a culmulative effect.

Once realising my mistake, I ran it to empty and then brimmed it with Esso petrol and some injector cleaner (STP, I think). It took almost a thousand miles but the difference (if you have a long memory for such trivial things) was noticable.

I think the extra 60p a tank is worth it.

I use Optimax + Millers to octane boost the 3500S (originally needed 5*, 100 Oct) and whilst it hard to tell without the additive it is better than SUL.

The 2000TC gets bog-standard LRP which is only UL with added potassium.


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