Rover 114SI Exhaust Manifold - engin-ear
I'm replacing the head gasket on my 1995 114SI Auto but I can't get the three nuts undone which hold the exhaust downpipe to the manifold. I can only get a socket onto one of the nuts because of limited space and I cant get enough leverage on the bar to make that budge. I'm thinking of trying a nut splitter if I can get one on the nuts. Are they any good? Or if that fails I can only think that I will have to cut through the downpipe. Can anyone offer any ideas?
Rover 114SI Exhaust Manifold - David Davies
On this engine you should be able to separate the manifold from the head on the exhaust side,thus remove the head and inlet manifold leaving the exhaust manifold in situ.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Rover 114SI Exhaust Manifold - engin-ear
Thanks David I had tried that but found I couldn't get the manifold out between the bolts and radiator and I didn't fancy stripping out the radiator as well. However on your suggestion I looked at it again and took the bolts out of the head and the manifold parted readily from the head.

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