ford fiesta cutting out - Jan
I bought a new fiesta flight "Y" reg in March 01. Within twelve months I had problems with it cutting out intermittently. I took it to the garage and they replaced the air flow control valve (approx April 02). this year the problem has recurred, mostly recently on Monday this week when it cut out as I was approaching the motorway slip road. Ford state that they cannot find anything wrong with it this time round. Has anyone else had the same problem? When the car is re-started, there is no problem with it. It just occurs every now and then.
ford fiesta cutting out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Does the cutting out occur as you are decelerating or changing down a gear or while you are still 'driving' ie foot on gas?

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ford fiesta cutting out - Jan
Each time it has happened as I was decelerating, just after changing down a gear.
ford fiesta cutting out - uncle fiesta
I'm not sure if the Fiesta Flight has the 1.3 HCS engine. If it has then this happened a couple of times on mine after a long motorway run, change down for a roundabout and it cuts out!
In my case it turned out to be the exhaust valve tappet clearances being set to small as per the handbook ie 0.3MM. These were reset to 0.5MM as stated on a decal on the rocker cover and this cured the problem. It also gave a smoother tick over.

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