Cheapest insurance - Morris Ox
Apologies if this thread's been pursued before (may be someone can give me a link?) but I'm ducking out of the company car scheme and need some private insurance.

Who's the cheapest/best service etc, and does anyone know if they take into account six years with no claims as a company driver?

Car's a 98R Passat 1.8S 20V
Cheapest insurance - Nsar
Try Tesco- they were the only ones to ignore a no-fault claim of mine on a company policy see my recent thread ranting about stupid insurers. I simply had to supply a letter from the fleet manager. They were some £400 cheaper than the others, on grp 18 car
Cheapest insurance - blowpipe
On previous threads Tesco are said to be Direct Line in disguise. DL have always been superb when push come to shove.
Cheapest insurance - Blue {P}
Liverpool Victoria were great for me, but then I'm 18 so they may not be as good if you're in different circumstances.

But they saved me £700 off my next cheapest quote, and they seem very efficient so far...
Cheapest insurance - Obsolete
Try these:

Which is best depends strongly on age, car and driving history. Also take care when a broker says they search 400 policies for the best. I have found that different brokers give different quotes for insurance through the same insurer. Always always get lots of quotes. Sorry if I am stating the obvious. Doesn't this site have a list of the main insurance sites?
Cheapest insurance - DavidHM
For me, the cheapest broker was which suggested a Zenith policy that was also available from several others.
Cheapest insurance - Focus {P}
I found eSure ( ) were >£100 cheaper than Direct Line on my 99V Accord 2.0. I haven\'t yet had to make a claim though, and they do have that awful Michael Winner TV advert.

John (38, Reading)
Cheapest insurance - Morris Ox
Progress report: cheapest so far is Churchill at £280 (which takes into account no claims while on company insurance) followed by David HM's budget insurance at £320.

Still hunting, so any more suggestions gratefully received.

Policy is fully comp with excess at £250 plus protected NCD and legal cover.
Cheapest insurance - UncleR

They smashed everyone elses price for me by about £100 on both of my last cars. They are Admiral in disguise! Extremely efficient by phone or web. Never had a claim though.
Cheapest insurance - Ellis
Doing the rounds for quotes last night rang Norwich Union,
all the usual questions, then, does your wife partner drive?, no i say but I've got her booked for lessons, does she have a provisional licence?, yes i say, for more than 9 years? as it happens yes i say, well sir we can put your wife on the policy and it will bring your premium down, licence share or something, eh!. Now I'm not sure if this is a good thing for me personally but only time will tell. Competitive quote and could save me a few quid in lessons as time goes on.
Cheapest insurance - Altea Ego
Direct Line, while not the cheapest are in my view one of the best. Wife has car insured with them, thay are about on par with the other direct telephone insurers price wise, but I have never found their service to be less than excelent.

Example - wife runs car into kerb, suspension damaged. Recover car to home, phone direct line, claim form filled out over phone, man with recovery truck arrives next day, takes car, comes back three days later fixed. Woman from direct line phones up about excess to pay. I mention the cost of recovering car to home, she says, send the bill we will take that off the excess to be paid.....

Have house insurance with them, mower throws stone through conservatory window, ring direct line, they send tradesman round to replace it - none of this get three quotes cr*p.

They were happy take letter from leasing company to count as NCB when i enquired. I kow have the house contents and the dog insured thro them (all adds up to extra discounts)

I check every year, and every year they are in the right ball park for insurance prices.

Direct Line (and any other disguises (ie Tesco) works on a very strict business model. IF you fall into their target good risk market, you get good prices. IF not you get quoted a stupid amount to scare you off. They take control of the rectification process to keep costs down.
It works for me.
Cheapest insurance - smokie
I'm with Renault Family regarding Direct Line. Everything has been cheap and easy - renewals, claims, everything. Just took out full worldwide health insurance for the family for the year as they were cheaper than it would have cost for three of us for a two week holiday through a tour operator.
Cheapest insurance - guss
try they were very convenient and competitive for my golf gt tdi
Cheapest insurance - Morris Ox
I've got another couple of weeks yet before the insurance needs to kick in, and the one problem I'm encountering (possibly because all my searching so far has been online) is those companies which don't seem to take into account no claims while a company driver.

The only site I've seen so far which specifically allows for this in a drop down menu is Churchill, which mentions 'x years company no claims'. They still came up with the best quote (£280 I think).

My wife's Civic is with Direct Line, so is our home insurance. We've never had to claim on the car, but a claim on the home insurance for damaged sewers has been a disaster. Currently the subject of an investigation by the FOS, so 'nuff said.

Any pointers on companies who take into account company no claims would be gratefully received.
Cheapest insurance - Altea Ego

If you are just getting quotes, then usume the NCB is a given. When the time comes up to prove it - prodcuce Lease managers letter. Beware however No insurer will give you a protected NCB
for the first year on a Company car users letter.
Cheapest insurance - SteveH42
I think the best way to deal with this is to pick a level of NCD when getting quotes that you think it realistic. When you've got some idea who is cheapest, phone them up and see how they react to crediting you for no claims on a company policy. The main thing though is to find out who is best in your circumstances, and when you are sick of getting quotes, get another half dozen. You'll have to phone to confirm any discounts, but searching online should allow you to pick 3 or 4 to phone.

When I first got the car, CGU Direct were very good for me - they gave me an introductory discount on the basis that I'd been a named driver on my mother's policy for a number of years. However, when it came to renewal time they'd merged with Norwich Union, the premium had sky-rocketed and the 0% direct debit option had been withdrawn.

One warning I would give is to be careful with some of the smaller companies. My current policy was a lot cheaper than anyone else, but when I needed to claim off it, things went badly wrong and the claim still has not been sorted out.

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