SAXO Help Me Fuel Cons - Peter O@Brien
Hi there, I bought a SAXO 1.4i SX '96 'P' Reg about a month ago.

The fuel consumption was fine driving it back to London on the M1 and also surprisingly good going to and from work in traffic for the first two weeks.

However, recently I'm getting about 200 miles out of a full tank, this is compared to about 500 miles previously. I don't know if it is something to do with the injection.

Also when I start it in the morning there seems to be a complete loss of power for the first few seconds, this could be that the car is cold, but I wondered if it is at this moment that the engine is pushing too much fuel through?

Can someone please help, I don't think my wallet can take much more of this.

SAXO Help Me Fuel Cons - RichardW

My first guess would be that the coolant temperature sensor has failed, and the car is constantly running as if cold (effectively with the choke pulled out!). You need to take it to an engine management specialist to get them to look at it and find out what had stopped working.

SAXO Help Me Fuel Cons - Alfafan {P}
I'm sure you'd have noticed it, but is the fuel tank leaking? I've just had to have mine replaced, it had rusted along the seam.


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