Wet Rover won't start - Reg the Rover
Can anybody help - I've been driven round the bend by a Rover 414Sli 16v K Series early 91 'H' 82K. After a downpour, or a foggy morning or more maddening a wash the thing will not start. I'm on first name terms with the breakdown guys whose advice I've taken to try diferent fixes. All of the following is new in the last 12 months - battery, starter coil, all plug leads, plugs, distributor cap/rotor arm, vacuum pipes for starter sequence, air filter and the engine bay relays. I've also fitted a rubber coil cover off of a later model and cleaned all of the low tension leads from the ECU but all to no avail even after a liberal soaking of WD40. The car does several hundred miles a week, easliy passed all of its emission tests in last months MOT and when running is fautless. What else can I try?
Wet Rover won't start - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Suggest you try the connection for the flywheel sensor located on a bracket on the bellhousing roughly in line with the dis. cap(blue in colour) Take it apart and spray a little wd40 and dry it then smear some petroleum jelly into the female half (oooh Matron!!)and reconnect. Check also the main wiring plug into the ECU next to the battery and give it the same treatment. Note that once you have disconnected and reconnected the ECU it will need a good drive to relearn its idle settings. Carefully check the earth connections particularly the ones on the slam panel near the battery cleaning up as you go.
HTH Andrew

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Wet Rover won't start - Robin the Technician
I had a similar problem on one of my customers car's - a Rover 114 - which I service. Every time it rained it would cough and splutter to a halt. I did the same as you in swapping many items from my wifes identical car- all to no avail. Eventually I traced it to the engine harness multiplug to the main harness itself. I made sure the connection was sound then packed the connector backing with vaseline to prevent any further water ingress. I'm not saying this is your problem but you could go round the connectors with vaseline - it'll do no harm and not cost much either.
Hope this helps
Wet Rover won't start - Reg the Rover
Many thanks I'll try this if I can identify it! - is it worth while doing the same to the low tension connector from the loom to the coil? (the short one under the ECU) - thanks agian as its got to a matter of principle now that I will fix this thing!
Wet Rover won\'t start - Robin the Technician
It won\'t do any harm. I always unplug and replug the connectors a few times to ensure a good connection - then pack the backs with vaseline. The product will keep out water and will not harm the connectors or the connections. You can even do it to the ECU plug too. Hope this helps and let me know if it works.
Wet Rover won't start - Reg the Rover
I've got some time over this weekend so I'll get the vaseline out and have a go - many thanks for your suggestions - if this does not work I will probably drive to the local and walk home
Wet Rover won't start - smokie
"if this does not work I will probably drive to the local and walk home" - not if it's wet you won't!
Wet Rover won't start - mj
I used to own a rover 214 and would cut out on me when driving during a down pour managed to fix to problem by drying out the coil connections and smearing with waterproof grease it did not help that the coil sat behind the nearside headlight and used to get soaking wet on fast roads in rain seemed to cure the problem though

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