Amusing insurance story - Trilogy

Today a work colleague was talking about accidents from the past. About 30 years ago he reversed into a virtually brand new Rover SD1 he hadn't seen. He told the Rover's driver he didn't have his insurance details with him, but as he worked next door each day the Rover driver should see him in a couple of days. The Rover driver duly turned up. My colleague had noticed the SD1 had been parked on a double yellow line. He said he'd been in contact with his insurance company about the matter. The Rover driver was illegally parked, so wasn't covered. Amazingly Mr SD1 driver...............hook, line and sinker!

Amusing insurance story - dan86

While at work driving a dustcart I was attempting to get round a tight corner. a driving instructor was parked On the corner on double yellow lines. I asked him if he could move but he said he was busy. So I preceded with trying to get eound the corner. I caught the car with the lorry and done considerable damage to the car I got out and so did the driving instructor. He demanded the police turn up so he phoned them. When they turnd up hw got a ticket for being on a doube yellow line.

After sorting out all the insurance it went to court and he was found in the wrong and his insurance had to pay up not my company's.

Amusing insurance story - oldroverboy.

SWMBO has a (lady) friend who recently "lost" her brakes on a slope and rolled gently into the back of a HGV. She apologised and the driver said no damage but just swap details for the firm. (entirely correctly) her car has minor damage for which she does not want to claim for. She has been contacted by the other peoples insurance asking for her insurance co details, but does not want to provide.

swmbo and myself have tried to perusade her to give details of ins co, but she does not want another claim on her record. (She naively assumes that she does not have to!)

We give up!


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