Fitting rear brake pads - Seat Alhambra - wickedbuffy
Can anybody help? I have just removed the rear disc pads on my Seat. I cannot force back the piston because the handbrake must have some sort of ratchet adjustment mechanism which moves the piston closer to the disc as the pads wear. How do I reset this rathet so that I can fully retract the piston and fit new pads? I've donw loads of front pads before but never back ones.
Fitting rear brake pads - Seat Alhambra - lauriew
You need a special tool similar to a G-clamp with two lugs that fit into slots on piston. You then "screw" the pistons back in.
ie you need to apply pressure and screw in clockwise, can be difficult without tool.
Sykes-Pickavent do one (Halfords ?)Handbrake connections not effected.
Same brakes as Granada Scorpio
Fitting rear brake pads - Seat Alhambra - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Spot on Laurie. I usually drop the handbrake cables off the levers to make sure that the handbrake mechanism is fully off. Spray WD40 onto the rubber piston boot to let the piston rotate without snagging.Once the new pads are in (make sure that they are not tight in the carrier, if not, file the paint off until they are an easy fit) and the caliper refitted start the engine (for the servo) and press out the pads to contact the discs, then refit the handbrake cables, you should find that the cables slip in relatively easily and the levers on the calipers should stay in the fully off position. If the levers dont return fully the brakes wont work properly.
Good luck

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