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peugot 306 - heater matrix - jointy

my heater matrix on my peugot 306 diesel has been sealed with a sealant,if i add an antifreeze will the matrix leak again,i am thinking of changing the matrix can anyone tell me the best way to do the job.regards jointy.

peugot 306 - heater matrix - elekie&a/c doctor

This is a massive job that requires removal of the complete dashboard and heater box.Even worse if it has air con.hth

peugot 306 - heater matrix - squarecarman

Did this once on a Volvo 760 many years ago....never, never again!!

peugot 306 - heater matrix - jointy

could i still do it,how long do you reckon it would take?also i have sealant in the matrix at the moment,would it last and what about if i add anti freeze would it leak again ?

peugot 306 - heater matrix - Cyd

I reckon a couple of days. You'll probably need an assistant to help you lift the facia out and back in too.

Why don't you give the whole system a good flushing and then refill but with the addition of a can of proprietory leak sealant? If it works this will save you an awful lot of effort.


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