citroen xantia starter motor - pigtails
can u help me? my starter motor has packed up. i have been quoted £80 for a new one . my car is a 1.9 turbo diesel and i need to know if it is relatively easy to fit it myself.

citroen xantia starter motor - PhilW
Not done it on a Xantia but assume it would be similar to a BX. In which case it ain't too bad. I once went to the scrappy, bought one, fitted it in the scrapyard and got some money back on my old one! You need a good set of Allen keys if I remember correctly. May be more difficult to get at on the Xantia - others will probably advise (Middleman??)
citroen xantia starter motor - M.M
Very sorry if I'm wrong but I don't want to "play" on this thread if you know what I mean.

£80 is far too cheap for a Xantia starter anyway.

citroen xantia starter motor - DavidHM
Pigtails - I agree, that is cheap. The best I can do is £100, from Euro. Not a lot of point in going for the price you've been quoted if it's used though.

As for is it easy to fit - it's not known for being an easy job. When mine was done (on a different car, admittedly) it was an hour's labour and it was difficult to get to.

My advice is - spend £15 on a Haynes, if you don't fancy it then, get a mobile mechanic out. I can recommend one in London if you like.


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