Bmw 320i - Smoke from bonnet - dazsaw

I have a bmw 320i 2006 year when I got the car there was oil dripping on exhaust manifold from rocker cover so had this done the car was fine for 3 days after this

I left the car parked on drive for 3 days and tonight when driving to shop there was smoke coming from under bonnet with a burning oil smell opened the bonnet couldn' see anything obvious

When leaving the shop the car drove fine no smell no smoke any ideas would be a great help

Bmw 320i - Smoke from bonnet - Peter.N.

Sounds as though you still have an oil leak or that there is still oil laying about somewhere from the previous one, if it does it again shine a lamp in there and check where the smoke is coming from.

Bmw 320i - Smoke from bonnet - dazsaw

Thank you drove the car today and it was fine so will see how it goes


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