Insurance dilemma - badbusdriver

After mentioning on a couple of insurance related posts about how happy i was to deal with a local broker, and the service i got from them, it seems i may well have been well and truly shafted by them!. I happened to be looking at my business account online and checked my direct debits and standing orders, of which there should be three. One for road tax, one for public liability insurance, and the last one for the van insurance. Only what i discovered was that no payment for the van insurance had been taken from the account since March. This means that i have probably been driving with no insurance for possibly 4 or 5 months now without realising!.

So, in an absolute panic, i looked up the broker i used only to find that they appear to have become a different company, which does not do vehicle insurance, it seems to be oil industry related stuff. So i then looked into van insurance, specifically for window cleaners (past experiences suggest most 'normal' insurers stumble when, after answering questions for 20mins, i get to the fact that my van has a 500l water tank in the back, they then say, oh, we can't cover that!).

The upshot is that i am now insured again(!), but, the company i am now with, want proof of no claims bonus. This is where things get problematic, as, after scouring my emails, for the last few years, i cannot find actual policy documents. I can find credit agreements for the insurance policy, but no actual documents which would have proof of NCB on them.

So my question is, is there some way, some database or something, on which i could find out which insurance company who last insured me?. Given that the broker no longer exists as a vehicle insurer i'm assuming they won't be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

Insurance dilemma - alan1302

Have you phoned the company that took over the broker and asked them if they can send on the info you need?

Insurance dilemma - argybargy

I've not explored the entire site, BBD, but this looks as if it might be useful for you.

Insurance dilemma - gordonbennet

Every sympathy here BBD, horrible discovery that, very pleased you didn't find out as the result of a pull or worse an accident.

I'm one for paying things like VED and Insurance in one hit, that way such an eventuality shouldn't happen, touch wood.

How does the continuous insurance thingy work, will the DVLA know about this, if so why wasn't an alert triggered i wonder, hope you get it worked out, i'd be hopping round in a right old state.

Insurance dilemma - badbusdriver

Sorry, but this has all been a big false alarm!. Though i am still left feeling extremely confused with a couple of points.

During the process of trying to get proof of no claims, i inadvertently got in touch with the company which used to be my insurance broker. Turns out they still are!, they still do vehicle insurance, and i am still insured with them!.

So the 1st part of my confusion is why a 'direct debit' to the finance company for the insurance was not showing under 'direct debits and standing orders' in my bank account.

The 2nd part is why the insurance broker i contacted on Saturday, and arranged a policy with, did not tell me that my van was actually insured, because i did mention this. And after speaking to the guy at the original broker, he told me that it is easy enough for an insurance broker to find out if a vehicle is currently insured.

Hey ho, i guess i shouldn't be too upset or annoyed, at least i know now i haven't been driving around without insurance, which is the main thing. Just need to cancel my new policy now!.

Thanks for the replies (and the link Argybargy)

Insurance dilemma - gordonbennet

Phew that was a relief.

Insurance dilemma - nellyjak

I would have thought you would have had an ANPR ping in 4/5 months and you not been insured.?

Insurance dilemma - Steveieb
And now to read in HJ s column that his recommended insurance company LV has been taken over by Aviva.
How will this affect their top rating in Which and HJ s column.
I was first with Frizzel then they were taken over by LV now another change.
Insurance dilemma - Falkirk Bairn

German insurance giant Allianz has confirmed it has struck a joint venture deal with British firm LV=, creating the UK’s third largest personal insurer. Allianz will pay £500m to LV=, formerly known as Liverpool Victoria, in exchange for a 49pc stake in its general insurance .

Insurance dilemma - badbusdriver

I would have thought you would have had an ANPR ping in 4/5 months and you not been insured.?

That did cross my mind nellyjak, but i do live and work in North East Scotland. Not such a high police presence as some parts.

Insurance dilemma - Theophilus

That did cross my mind nellyjak, but i do live and work in North East Scotland. Not such a high police presence as some parts.

No good asking you to quote for cleaning my windows in Hampshire then :-(


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