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Hi all, I am an infrequent poster but regular reader and really enjoy the sound advice people give to each other on this site.
Now my grovelling is over I do have a question I hope people can help me with please.
On the rear doors to my 2016 Outback, on the bottom of the doors is a thick but short (stubby) pin with a flat head that fits into a slot when te doors are closed.
I have never seen this design feature on another car and wondered if anyone could enlighten me to why it's there and what it's purpose is.
Many thanks in advance.
Subaru Outback - Why is it there? - RT

It's to stiffen the bodyshell when the tailgate is closed, by including the tailgate as part of the structure. It's not just a feature of Subaru.

If you ever park a Subaru Outback on very uneven ground and open the tailgate - you'll realise why when it won't close!

Older estates used to be much worse, often flexing so much you could hear the pins rattling in the aperture as you drove along.

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Subaru Outback - Why is it there? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

Similar seen on my Mk2 Skoda Octavia. I assumed it was to help keep the doors closed in a side impact.


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