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Land Rover have emailed me offering 'free' accident management including cover for up to £250 no claims and free recovery, whats the catch ?.
Land Rover Discovery Sport - Why do Land Rover offer accident management - Manatee

Depends what you mean by a catch.

If you have an accident, you out yourselfin their hands. They can influence where the repairs are done (e.g. a Land Rover dealer owned or nominated bodyshop), and in the case of non fault accidents they will inflate the claim from the third party insurers by encouraging injury claims and providing expensive credit hire cars.

We all pay for it with higher premiums.

The insurance companies themselves will often pass their insureds' non fault claims to their own claims management business of to a third party one that will pay a referral fee. They have claimed that the oncome from this helsp them keep premiums down, but as the profit ultimately comes out of the claims paid and they are all doing ot to each other, that is rubbish.

We have had a couple of non-fault claims where we have chosen to approach the third party insurer direct. The claims have been handled swiftly with hire cars provided at no risk to us and using our own choice of repairer where we requested it. Not surprisingly, they were of course overjoyed not to be dealing with a "claims manager".

My son used Fiat's partner claims management service when his car was rammed amidships by a car emerging from a side road. They were not especially good at keeping him informed, pestered him to claim for injury (he wasn't injured), appeared to drag out the claim and put him into an expensive credit hire car while it was being sorted, which always involves signing an agreement that you will pay for it if the claim is not met. That usually works out OK, but it adds worry.

Land Rover Discovery Sport - Why do Land Rover offer accident management - gordonbennet

I think there's a lot of us out there are fed up to the back teeth with all the rip offs that abound now in all walks of life, and as Manatee describes so long as the third party has been truthful with their insurer, the insurers themselves usually bend over backwards to be as accommodating as possible, we should all try to starve the chancers of business wherever possible.

My son's CRV was hit in the child nursery car park, lady was honest and owned up, contacted her insurer who were on the phone in record time, had a hire car big enough for rear facing child seats delivered within a couple of days and the damaged one collected, swapped back a few days later all repaired, no sharks got a look in, this is how things should be done.

I do wish the insurers would stop helping this sorded credit hire racket, there will always be people who want compo for nothing, i also hope regular claimants who milk the system rotten get highlighted in some way that we the public don't hear about and end up paying high premiums for their own cover, one can dream.


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