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Honest John Overall Rating
Great to drive and with stand out styling, we're really impressed by the Cupra Formentor, the brand's first standalone model. The top models have some serious performance yet the Formentor remains comfortable making it a great all rounder.

+High quality SUV that feels special. Great performance and sound from top models. Stand out styling and offers something different.

-People will keep asking you what it is...

New prices start from £36,795, brokers can source from £28,470
On average it achieves 0% of the official MPG figure

Cupra may have been associated with fast SEATs in the past - but it's making a name for itself and the Cupra Formentor is a really appealing SUV. For starters it's a Cupra, so it has a distinctly sporting flavour to it looks and drive. You're unlikely to see another on the school run, so what's a Cupra Formentor like to own? Read our full review to find out.

We love the coupe-esque SUV styling. Okay, so it's not that practical (if you want that there's the Cupra Ateca) but there's enough room for everyday family use. Cupra has also worked to guve the interior that special feel - and it certainly works. This feels much more than a posh SEAT, with a genuinely premium edge inside - although to be fair, this is dependant on spec.

Top of the range models have leather-clad seats with a quilted design, a new 10-inch floating navigation system and plenty of nice-to-touch metal and leather stitched elements inside. Stick an Audi badge on that steering wheel and you wouldn't know the difference.

Of course being a Cupra, the Formentor is about performance but Cupra has expanded the range to appeal to those that want the looks without all the pace. So yes, there's the top of the range 2.0 TSI 4Drive with 310PS if you want to embarrass the boy racers. But smaller engines are available.

These include a much more sensible 1.5 TSI with 150PS and the Cupra Formentor e-Hybrid - a plug-in hybrid with close to 250PS and an electric range of 36 miles.

Despite its SUV design, the Cupra Formentor feels more like a hot hatch from behind the wheel with excellent body control and responsive steering. Yet it's also surprisingly comfortable with a forgiving ride, making it an excellent all rounder. 

The Cupra isn't especially affordable though. List prices start at £28,000 and that's for the entry level 1.5 TSI 150 model. If you want an e-Hybrid you're looking at more than £36k while the all singing and dancing 310PS version starts at an eyebrow raising £41k. That does seem expensive but consider that an Audi RS Q3 starts at £51k...

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Ask Honest John

What shampoo should I use on a ceramic coating?

"When I bought my Cupra Formentor a year ago it was treated with Gen3 ceramic. A bottle of their shampoo was supplied which I have now used up. Can I safely use Meguiars Ceramic Wash and Wax? Although the wax is probably not required, as I have always liked their products or would it be better to order a new bottle of Gen3?"
Maguires suggest that you can use Ceramic Wash or Ceramic Wash and Wax on a ceramic-coated vehicle, although it does suggest that using a wash and wax formula on a ceramic coating will affect the water beading, but that it will not damage the coating. It also suggests their Hybrid Ceramic Wash and Wax as an alternative. You do of course have the option of sticking with Gen3.
Answered by David Ross

Do I need to use a battery conditioner on a nearly new car?

"We will not be using our car for about two and a half months in the autumn. Do you think that we need to fit a battery conditioner whilst we are away? The car, a Cupra Formentor V2 1.9 bhp was new at the end of May this year and is kept in a locked garage. I have used this conditioner many times before but on older cars. "
We can't say for sure if a battery conditioner is essential for 2.5 months, but on a new car with systems such the alarm and other security features drawing a small amount of power it may be worthwhile. It certainly won't do any harm, and will help prevent battery deterioration.
Answered by Lawrence Allan

Will I have to pay the higher road tax rate on my Cupra Formentor?

"In April last year I ordered a Cupra Formentor, changed some options and engine size and the final order was placed in August last year. The dealer gave a discount as the price had increased and even before the discount the total cost was below £40,000. The car is about to arrive and for curiosity I checked today’s price which, with the options, would now cost just over £40,000. I would be very angry if the tax will be charged on the cost now not on the cost when ordered. The delay in delivery is not the fault of the dealer or myself. "
I fear you will be taxed against the higher road tax rate because the £40,000 premium VED rate is based on the list price of the car when it is first registered (which is the published price before any discounts are applied by the dealer). The first year rate (commonly known as the 'showroom tax') will be applied when the car is registered by the dealer. From year two you will be charged a flat standard rate of £165 and then an additional £355 per year - £520 in total. This rate will apply until the sixth year when the premium VED rate is dropped. For more information on VED road tax, see:
Answered by Dan Powell

Long delivery times for Cupra Formentor - is this reasonable?

"We originally ordered the Cupra Formentor 190bhp in April 2021, changed the order in May to a 2 litre 190bhp, which was originally not available. Cupra then deleted the electric tailgate from the specification but added it as an option in August. This we selected but apparently it needed to be re-ordered as such. The estimated delivery was the end of February 2022, we were recently given a build week 10. This has now been delayed to the seventh week which is very disappointing. This seems rather longer than some estimates I have seen for other cars including those which are said to be the longest. Does this seem reasonable to you or are we being penalised because we require all the bits and pieces including a sunroof? I would add that the dealership is being reasonably generous to us regarding costs and I am happy with them. Originally I believed you really liked the Formentor and hopefully this still applies. Many thanks. Take care David Greenhill "
We rate the Formentor highly. Unfortunately, like most new cars, it's being delayed by the global microchip shortage. This'll be beyond Cupra's control to an extent – it'll be trying to reduce waiting times by offering the car without chip-hungry technology (like the electric tailgate). If you want to hold out for such tech, there's not a lot you can do but playing the waiting game. Indications suggest delays could continue well into 2022.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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What does a Cupra Formentor cost?

Buy new from £28,470(list price from £32,030)