Review: Toyota Camry (1991 – 1995)


Very reliable, long-lasting saloons and estates. Comfortable, roomy and quite refined. Estates can seat seven.

Those looking for an involving drive or a style statement will be disappointed.

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12 March 1991

Large saloons and estates with extra rear-facing bench on 15' 8" long US-built estate, making it a 7-seater. Rear seat of 7-seater estate is vinyl so sticky sweets and other child mess wipes off. Good... Read more

Toyota Camry (1991 – 1995): At A Glance

What does a Toyota Camry (1991 – 1995) cost?

Contract hire from £292.00 per month
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Keep or renew our Auris?

My Camry 3ltr is 18 years old, has done 99,000 miles and never let me down. Repairs have been minimal and due to fair wear and tear, like radiator, gaiters, gaskets etc. I'd like to keep it forever! My wife's Auris is 5 years old, 45,000 miles and has been pretty good. We had to replace a failed water pump bearing and Toyota recalled and replaced the semi-automatic clutch, which (hers was an early model) had an inherent defect. The question we have is : should we plan to keep the Auris long term or not?
No, move the Auris on. This type of automated manual transmission becomes troublesome.
Answered by Honest John
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