Skoda Superb (2015–)

What's good

Handsome and upmarket hatchback that offers excellent value for money compared to the Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat.

Even more legroom and bootspace than before.

Efficient range of engines.

Awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating in 2015. Adult occupant safety was 86 per cent, child safety 86 per cent, safety assist 76 per cent and pedestrian safety 71 per cent.

13-9-2019: Reader report that 2018 Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI automatic has the 6-speed DQ250 wet clutch DSG, not the 7-speed DQ200 dry clutch DSG.

What to watch out for

2.0 TDI 150 models with the DSG gearbox can be slow to react and hesitant at roundabouts.

1.6 TDI Greenline needs AdBlue. 2.0 TDI 150PS manual does not need AdBlue.

The accessories socket is hard-wired directly to the battery, so accessories left plugged in will drain the battery.

22-3-2016: Owner of new Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI L&K estate with 750 miles on it could not get reverse in a parking space. Dealer mechanic came out and fixed after a bit of a struggle. Perhaps a stretched shifter cable?

7-6-2016: Report of failure of seat and mirror electrics of used 3100 mile 2015 Superb L&K purchased 5 weeks previously. Dealer found wiring loom in drivers door disconnected. Could have had a bump. Maybe water got into the memory function. Dealer still scratching his head.

6-8-2016: Report of aux-in socket from iPod in April 2016 Skoda Superb intermittently losing connection while playing music. Skoda aware of the problem, but no fix available to date.

10-1-2017: Report of metallic squeal from 7-speed dry clutch DSG of 2016 Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI 150. Metallic squeal when changing from 1st to 2nd and then 2nd to 3rd. Dealer took a week to replace the dual clutch pack. Apparently there is an advisory out for these symptoms, Skoda's ref TPI 2042705/5.

26-1-2017: Columbus satnav, bluetooth, CD player and TV shut down on 2016 Skoda Superb L&K, just like it commonly did on the previous model Superb.

11-4-2017: Report from Skidpan in The Backroom that Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Collision Avoidance factory settings are a menace and cause unexpected brakings. Reset them to a shorter distance (you can turn off the Collision avoidance) and it's fine with no surprise braking from the car.

29-9-2017: Complaint about dampers fitted to new Skoda Superb 190 TDI SEL estate manual, purchased in April "with a few options but not DCC". Owner finds that when driving the car on indifferent roads the standard dampers are "dire/woeful". "If it hits a bump it just bounces across the road as there is no rebound control."

9-11-2017: Report of intermittent malfunction of BLIS system and rear Cross Traffic Alert in new Skoda Superb Superb 2.0 TDI 190 DSG SCR Auto Start/Stop AdBlue Laurin & Klement 5dr Hatchback.

10-11-2017: On a 7,000 mile April 2017 Skoda Superb Executive estate a warning light appeared on the dashboard saying 'Front Assist not Available'. The light has been on ever since. Local Skoda dealer says that that the radar unit at the front of the car needs recalibration. He isn't equipped to do this, and says that the cost will not be covered by warranty. The dealer confirms that there's no sign of any physical damage that could have caused the fault. No adjustments have been made to the car - steering or suspension - that might be responsible.

13-11-2017: Intermittent problems reported with January 2017 Skoda Superb SE: Alarm goes off both in and out of car while diving , we have found no way of stopping it until it self resets; CD System locking up, ceasing to play, not responding to any button pressing and eventually resetting; SatNav system giving totally erroneous instructions. e.g. kept trying to take us off the motorway from Paris to Calais and on to side roads. Going the wrong way down a one way street; Tyre pressure warning on all 4 tyres at the same time. When pressures were checked all were OK. So far dealer had failed to fix it.

15-12-2017: Manual transmission problems reported with 5,500 mile 2017 Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150PS 4x4 (ex "Skoda Management"). P oor gearchange from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 2nd. The gears seem to crash between each other and lack precision.

19-3-2018: Report of 2017 Sloda Superb 2.0 TDI starting to intermittently idle at 1000 rpm or slightly higher and also the fan kicked in at the same time. Skoda dealer said as it was an intermittent problem owner should monitor it and if it became worse to re-contact them. The matter worsened and a second fault developed whereby when owner took his foot off the accelerator in a bit to slow down the car actually increased speed. He booked it into Skoda who ran a check on the car. They said the over-revving was normal. It isn't If you regularly drive a diesel car short distances from a cold start, the DPF does not get hot enough to passively regenerate the soot created by the cold starts. Active regeneration may then kick in, whereby diesel fuel is post-injected to the DPF to fire it off and burn off the soot. If this process is interrupted by switching the engine off mid-active-regen, the post-injected diesel sinks to the sump, contaminating the sump oil and gradually raising its level. The fan coming on confirms that this was happening because active regeneration creates a lot of heat. Since a compression ignition engine can actually start to run on its own sump oil when the level is too high, your sump oil level needs very carefully monitoring.

20-3-2018: Skoda dealer still procrastinating that he has to seek Skoda permission to replace the manual transmission of 5,500 mile 2017 Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150PS 4x4 (ex "Skoda Management"). Poor gearchange from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 2nd (See: 15-12-2017). Owner advised that if supplying dealer does not replace the transmission he should reject the car.

19-4-2018: Report of 28,000 mile 2016 Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI DSG (DQ200 7-speed dry clutch) almost stalling on corners by holding in 3rd when really it should be dropping down to 1st or 2nd due to the low speed. Might be Mechatronics. Might be curable simply by switching to Super that gives more torque at low revs.

28-7-2018: Report of failure of 6-speed manual transmission in 2016 Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI ACT at 17,000 miles (under warranty).

21-8-2018: Report of fault with electromechanical parking brake of Skoda Superb purchased new from Skoda dealer in 2016. It kept sticking and would not release straightaway. Owner took it in and dealer said there was nothing wrong with it and it was probably because of the hill control system or owner as not used to that system. It continued intermittently owner took it back in at least 6 times but nothing was found. In April this year it went in for its second service and again the parking brake sticking. At that time there was a recall from Skoda for an update to the parking brake system because of the fault owner had highlighted 23 months before. At that time owner was informed that they could see the brake had been sticking because the rear discs and pads had excessive wear and were in poor condition. Despite the TSB recall the dealer still refused to replace discs and pads stating it is wear and tear.

1-11-2018: Report of corroded rear brake discs on 2016 Skoda Superb Estate TDI 190 auto L&K at 27k miles. At the recent service on 17/10/18 dealer advised replacing the discs and pads at a cost of £283. Wear and tear so not covered by warranty. Skoda later offered a £50 voucher against future work.

21-12-2018: Report of pitted and scored rear brake discs on 2016 Skoda Superb at 20,000 miles. Recommended the owner demand they be replaced FoC.

22-2-2019: Report of failed nearside rear wheel bearing of 2016 Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI L&K estate at 17,450 miles (still within 3 year warranty).

7-3-2019: Report that infotainment screen of 2015 Skoda Superb estate screen seems to have stopped working. It keeps rebooting and always has "Skoda navigation" message on the screen. Owner can no longer use the radio or anything else. Even the reverse camera.

7-4-2019: Report of March 2016 Skoda Superb 280 leaking fuel from the tank area at 5 months old, 12 months old, and now again three weeks out of warranty. Not known if it's a faulty tank, low pressure fuel pump or fuel tank breather. The supplying dealer is liable to fix what is a recurring fault.

26-4-2019: Report of faults with electric tailgate of 2017 4WD Skoda Superb DSG. Owner had a problem with the electric hatchback when she first owned the car which was eventually fixed by the dealer. However, intermittently the hatch closes while she is putting the dogs in and a couple of weeks ago when she happened to look out into the road, the hatch was wide open. The car was locked at the time and the key was in a key safe. This happened twice. Dealer cannot find a fault.

6-7-2019: To meet RDE1 emissions rules, Skoda Superb petrol and diesel models are no longer available with manual transmissions.

15-07-2019: Ongoing issues with the 1.5 TSI engine

9-10-2019: Report of rattle from sunroof of 2019 Skoda Superb.

19-10-2019: Report of rattles from inside both front doors of 2018 Skoda Superb.

18-12-2019: Report of 2018 Skoda Superb SEL Executive losing pre-set radio stations when engine is switched off.


4-11-2015: EA288 1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI engines recalled in USA because the rear camshaft lobe is prone to unexpectedly shear off from the shaft. The failure causes reduced engine power and loss of vacuum pump power, cutting vacuum supply to the brake booster and eventually resulting in increased braking effort."A reduction in engine power and/or increased need for braking effort after vacuum reserve has been depleted while driving can increase the risk of a crash," a statement cautions. The campaign affects approximately 92,000 vehicles including the 2015-2016 Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Golf, Golf GTI, Golf SportWagen, Jetta and Passat. In notifying the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, VAG stated that the root cause of the camshaft failures has not been fully understood. The company is still continuing an in-depth failure analysis and development of a repair solution, however a fix may not be ready until the end of the first quarter of 2016.

10-1-2017: TSB recall to replace Skoda Superb window guides, ref 64E3.

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