Review: Mitsubishi L200 (2000 – 2006)


UK's most popular pick-up in its day. Tough running gear. Long tyre life.

Too many independent imports led to confusion of specs.

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21 November 2010 Samcosport Mitsubishi L200 Turbo Pipework Kit (TCS-360) announced

Three-piece kit hand-fabricated, being able to handle temperatures and pressures way in excess of original factory parameters. Available in 15 different colours, including camouflaged and matt-black... Read more

1 January 2006 Run-out Trojan model goes on sale

L200 Trojan had 2.5 litre, 4-cylinder TD with 115bhp at 4,000rpm and maximum torque of 177lbs.ft at 2,000rpm. Mitsubishi Power Upgrade Pack available at £595 (plus VAT & fitting) raising... Read more

1 December 2005 Diesel range extended

Proven 2.5 Turbo Diesel engine retained for 2005 and fitted throughout the L200 family, as is the proven switchable two/four-wheel-drive transmission, just the Single Cab 4Work is offered with a two-wheel-drive... Read more

Mitsubishi L200 (2000 – 2006): At A Glance

Very good looking pick-up, most popular with four-door twin-cab and four wheel drive. The UK's most popular pick up 2000 - 2005. Benefited from company car tax rules and low BIK of just £500 to April 2007. Replaced the Shogun as the Colt Car Company's big money earner.

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Contract hire from £231.64 per month
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Mitsubishi L200 blowing smoke - turbo failure?

My son owns a (2001 model) Mitsubishi L200 2.5 diesel pick-up. When starting from cold, the vehicle belches out smoke. He was warned that the turbo is on the way out; however, whilst driving home from work this week, it lost all power and spewed oil out at front of engine. He limped it home (about half a mile) at 10mph and it starts fine, but belts out smoke of all colours from the exhaust. The engine has no knocks, bangs or other weird noises and will tick over. Could it possibly just require a new turbo or does it possibly need a complete engine?
Reads as if the turbo is completely shot and the turbo bearing oil seals have failed which is how the engine oil is getting into the combustion chambers. As well as a turbo it will need turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes because these get blocked with carbon, starve the turbo bearing of oil and that's why the turbo fails. That's if I'm right, of course.
Answered by Honest John
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