Mitsubishi Grandis (2004 – 2010) Review

Mitsubishi Grandis (2004 – 2010) At A Glance


+Striking-looking, roomy seven-seater with stacks of kit. Clever design details make it a versatile, practical carrier of people or cargo.

-Not as agile as a Mazda5 or S-MAX but more roomy.

On average it achieves 91% of the official MPG figure

It's longer than a Galaxy, but shorter than a Mondeo estate. So this is a big MPV, a class above the excellent Mazda 5 and head to head against the Toyota Avensis Verso rather then the Corolla Verso.

It looks really good. Long and sleek, rather than tall and boxy. One of the few MPVs you might consider on appearance alone.


Real MPG average for a Mitsubishi Grandis (2004 – 2010)


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Average performance


Real MPG

21–44 mpg

MPGs submitted


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Are there any 7-seaters with reclining seats?

"I would like to buy a 7 seater but with the added comfort of reclining 2nd row and 3rd row seats. Is there any make and model that offers this option? It would help the rear passengers on a long trip to just recline when they need to take a quick nap, just like in the airlines!"
Most offer semi-reclining centre row seats, but not rearmost because they are already too close to the rear of the vehicle. I seem to remember that they folded flat into a bed in the Mitsubishi Grandis.
Answered by Honest John

When was production of the Mitsubishi Grandis discontinued?

"I purchased a Mitsubishi Grandis in April 2009 from a Mitsubishi dealer as a part-exchange for my 2007 Volvo XC90. After a short period, we were not happy that we had done the right thing. We had also looked seriously at the Outlander, and both Mitsubishi cars where a similar price. Recently (in July) we decided to change the Grandis and went to the same dealer, who offered us a ridiculous trade-in price. We then discovered that the car had been discontinued. We went to another garage last week, who informed us that production of this car ceased in 2007 and that it was discontinued in February 2009. Not only do we feel stupid, but feel we have been misled and have lost out financially. What advice can you offer and was this model discontinued in February 2009 two months before we purchased it? If we had known this at the time we would have not purchased it."
Production of Grandis 2.0DID Equipe and Warrior discontinued in September 2007. But the Warrior is listed as sold 'as new' until 2009/58. Presumably yours is 09 registered. But all this happened to long ago and is not grounds to reject the car anyway. There's nothing wrong with it as a car, and it seats seven far better than an Outlander will do.
Answered by Honest John

Why won't my Mitsubishi Grandis start when warm?

"My 2006 Mitsubishi Grandis 2.0 diesel (Volkswagen engine) starts fine in the mornings and when cold. However, when I drive a few miles then stop, wait a few minutes and then try to start again the engine runs for about 0.5 seconds and then stops. If I step on the accelerator it revs up but still dies. This happens for the subsequent 3 - 10 attempts and then it starts fine. The number of attempts can sometimes be reduced by locking/unlocking the car with the remote key. My mechanic had a look, but can't find anything. New battery. No engine error codes/lights. I thought that the immobiliser might be kicking in, but my Mitsubishi dealer says that the engine wouldn't start at all then."
Strange fault with the electronic throttle. Get it to an independent VAG specialist who may be familiar with the problem.
Answered by Honest John

Which MPV to replace our SEAT Alhambra?

"I used to drive a SEAT Alhambra 1.9 TDI SE until a lorry went into the back of me recently. I'm now looking to replace my vehicle, and out of the vehicles listed below I wondered which you would recommend for me and my family to be the most practicable, reliable and affordable to run and service. I like the elevated position of most of MPVs and would always go for a diesel. We only have a budget of £6500-7000. I'm considering the Ford Galaxy Ghia, Volkswagen Sharan TDI SE, Renault Grand Espace and Mitsubishi Grandis."
Another Galaxy or Sharan. Identical vehicles in this age and price bracket. You don't quite have enough for a current shape Galaxy.
Answered by Honest John
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