Review: Honda Civic Coupe (1994 – 2003)


Softer ride than other contemporary Civic models, but just as reliable, well equipped and undemanding.

Looks bland, especially for a coupe.

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18 September 2019 R/2019/243:

Possible air bag inflator rupture. Passenger air bag may not deploy correctly. Fix: The inflator inside the passenger’s airbag module is to be replaced. Build dates: 17-11-2000 to 16-12-2014. Read more

1 February 2004

2-door coupes, built mainly for North American market, launched as 100 bhp 1.5s in February 1994 and ran through to January 1996. Then relaunched in January 1996 as LS with same goggle-eyed front as Japanese... Read more

6 June 2002

Electrical contacts in ignition switch wear prematurely leading to a stall. Remedy to fit new switch. 53,175 Honda models affected. Read more

Honda Civic Coupe (1994 – 2003): At A Glance

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