Honda Legend (2006 – 2009) Review

Honda Legend (2006 – 2009) At A Glance


+Plush and crammed full of advanced technology. Five-star crash test rating. Capable of driving itself. Surprisingly quick, and very comfortable.

-The lawyers would not allow Honda to release its self-drive system so this disengages ever 15 seconds or so.

On average it achieves 117% of the official MPG figure

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Real MPG average for a Honda Legend (2006 – 2009)


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Average performance


Real MPG

22–34 mpg

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Honda Legend poor radio reception - what can I do?

"I have one of the last Honda Legends brought into the UK and I love it. My only gripe is that the reception on the radio is dreadful. I believe that the problem is the amplified aerial which decays over the years. Is this correct and if so, how difficult are they to replace? Could I update the aerial to a DAB one to get a clearer signal? Many thanks allan"
As the Legend is a pretty rare car in the UK, we can't find any reference to poor radio reception being a common issue. It's worth checking if the aerial connection in the rear of the in-dash stereo unit is correctly seated - it may have worked itself loose over the years. As for changing the aerial, it looks like the Legend has an integrated aerial that would likely be a pain to remove. We'd recommend tracking down an audio specialist if you're not confident.
Answered by Lawrence Allan

Alternative to Honda Legend?

"What current production car would you suggest as an alternative to the Honda Legend? I like the technology but the fuel consumption is out of fashion. Is there a direct equivalent with the reliability?"
A lot of the Legend tech is now in the Honda CR-V, so I'd recommend that.
Answered by Honest John

Honda Legend Insurance

"Following my recent experience with my insurance renewal, I thought I would share my findings. Having compared some 23 insurers and telephoned six independently, I found some infuriating responses. I have a 2006(56) Honda Legend EX, fitted with the optional safety pack, which included collision mitigation braking system, lane departure, adaptive cruise control. Of the 23 insurers, 16 opted to 'load' my insurance premium because this 'safety' option is fitted to my vehicle. They cite, that my car would be worth more money in the event of an accident, but fail to recognise the importance of avoiding an accident. "
It's the stupidity of brain dead computerised risk assessment. Most 'insurers' (including price comparison sites) are really no more than brokers and take a much higher commission than brokers typically do. You will probably be better off with a traditional broker.
Answered by Honest John

Risk action

"I found a Honda Legend today with one owner and 21k miles at a very reasonable price. Warranty Direct were excellent at providing extended warranty cover (I'll know the true value if and when I need to claim), in the mean time I can hopefully enjoy the impeccable build quality, reliability and service from Honda. I know you recommend Warranty Direct, and they certainly have so far delivered excellent advice and service, offering a comprehensive annual warranty for £350. At a time of rising insurance and 'rip-off’ perceptions, I feel that this represents good value in the mitigation of risk."
The cost of a WD warranty is directly related to WD's claims stats of frequency and cost, so £350 for a Legend gives a strong impression that, despite the complexity, they hardly ever go wrong.
Answered by Honest John
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