Citroen C6 (2005 – 2012) Review

Citroen C6 (2005 – 2012) At A Glance


+It looks and drives like a big Citroen should - idiomatic, smooth and very hushed. Plenty of high-tech gadgets. Excellent crash safety ratings.

-German rivals hold their value better.

Insurance Groups are between 41–43
On average it achieves 94% of the official MPG figure

Until now, if you wanted a prestigious £30,000 - £40,000 saloon car you could choose between an Audi, a BMW or a Mercedes.

Or a Jaguar or a Lexus if you didn't want to give your money to the Germans.

Now Citroen offers the sort of genuine alternative that only Citroen ever could. A big car in the tradition of the DS, the SM, the CX, and the XM, so authentically Citroen that if they weren't into numbers (and Renault hadn't nicked the name) they could have called it the ‘Authentique'.

Citroen doesn't expect to sell many C6s. Apart from dealer demonstrators, cars are only available to factory order. So discounts are only likely on ex-demos and rare cancelled orders. Citroen sees the car as the choice of an advertising agency creative director rather than an account director or financial director. People who think as individuals, don't follow convention and appreciate that with the C6 Citroen offers them something genuinely different.

Real MPG average for a Citroen C6 (2005 – 2012)


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Average performance


Real MPG

27–44 mpg

MPGs submitted


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What are the best five cars for cabin quietness and insulation from wind and road noise at speed?
"What are the best five cars for cabin quietness and insulation from wind and road noise at speed?"
The most surprising I have ever driven was the Peugeot 407 Coupe. Astonishingly quiet even at high speed. Otherwise, a Mercedes-Benz S500e, a Lexus LS600h (new Lexus hybrid next week), new BMW 7-Series, Citroen C6.
Answered by Honest John
How can I check if my car has a DPF or not?
"On the subject of DPF removal, which you covered recently, how would I know if the DPF is still intact on my car, a Citroen C6 2.7HDi? I read that it can be removed and everything welded back so as to look like it was never touched. As I purchased the car second hand I do not know the history of the DPF. Surely if this item has been removed prior to my ownership I could not be held to account?"
Specialist emissions testing would show this up.
Answered by Honest John
Could you publish my positive experiences with Warranty Direct?
"We have had Warranty Direct cover on our Citroen C6 for two years now. During that time we have had cause to make, I think, three claims, the latest after a major coolant fault whilst in France. On each occasion, we could not be more impressed by our dealings with Warranty Direct. Staff were always patient, courteous and highly efficient. Particularly impressive was the recording of information, which meant that respondents knew immediately who you were, what the problem was, when you last called and what was said and a time line for action. I was never made to feel that my call was anything but important or that attempts were being made to limit or evade responsibility. Each time the claim was addressed professionally, the allowable damage clearly explained to me and, if necessary, related to our policy and the final sum promptly despatched. We have nothing but praise for the company and its staff and would thoroughly recommend it to others. We are very anxious that our experience should be more widely known and would be very happy for you to make use of these comments in any way you feel would be helpful. In addition, we would add that the service we received from the RAC European Assistance section was equally fantastic, from organising a garage to effect repairs, setting up a hire car and taxi to get me there, providing professional help in understanding the nature of the problem and negotiating the repair itself. They even persuaded the hire car company to return (reasonably promptly!) an unauthorised and unjustified extraction of funds from our credit card! I would suggest that in cases such as ours, you might like to consider a liaison with RAC rather than contacting the garage as is usual practice in UK. "
Slightly OTT, but that’s as it came in. And if it was fake, why would they have chosen one of the rarest cars on the road? I received another concerning a £10,000 claim for a new engine in a LandRover Discovery III, sorted out promptly, without question.
Answered by Honest John
Would you recommend a Citroen C6 to replace my C5?
"For reasons lost in the mists of time I have always been a Citroen freak and I actually own a nice 2CV. Our main cars have been BXs, Xantias, C5s and so on. I'm currently thinking of updating my current C5 for one about 12 months old, preferably an Exclusive saloon, however I'm becoming lured by the idea of a slightly older C6 at about the same cost as the C5. Should I dismiss this as a foolish idea?"
The C6 will become a 'classic', but fixing it won't be easy in years to come. I remember the first one I drove, on the UK launch. The electronic keyfob simply fell apart in my hand. Driving it on a twisting road was like sailing. Okay on the first part of an S-bend, but a lot of tacking required to change direction for the second part. Julian Marsh's website may assist you:
Answered by Honest John
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