Honda Accord Tourer (2003 – 2008) Review

Honda Accord Tourer (2003 – 2008) At A Glance


+Long load bed. Good Japanese build quality, all chain-cam engines.

-Steering a bit light and feel-free. Best on smaller 16" wheels.

On average it achieves 95% of the official MPG figure

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Real MPG average for a Honda Accord Tourer (2003 – 2008)


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Average performance


Real MPG

27–57 mpg

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What's the best used estate for £4000?

"My commute is a 100-mile round trip per day (four days a week) and I am looking for a utopian estate car or similar that is reliable, economical, costs under £4000 to buy and can tow a trailer for runs to the dump (large trailer) at the weekend as well as seating three children and two adults for longer runs. If on top of all that it could be a reliable automatic diesel then great but will accept a manual! The last part of my commute is in stop-start traffic in London so the auto would be great but I can't find any that don't seem to break at 100k miles which is probably where my £4k brings me in. I am genuinely not that bothered by type of car/luxuries on board, etc; it just needs to keep going and do the job reasonably well!"
As you're probably finding, that's quite a big wish list for £4000. Any car that you look at for this price is likely to have high miles and could produce some big bills - especially with a diesel engine and automatic gearbox. A Skoda Octavia might be a good choice - they're popular with taxi drivers for a reason, but they're not without their issues. I think I'd be hunting out a Volvo V70. They have lots of space and, again, they're not without problems - but we've not had too many reports of faults. Alternatively, a Honda Accord or Toyota Avensis would be a good option, but finding a good one might be difficult.
Answered by Andrew Brady

Whats the best used estate for £3000?

"I have a budget of £3000 and would like to get a used estate car and diesel. What are the best ones to be looking at for reliability and economy? "
Do you really need a diesel? They might be problematic at this price, especially if you don't cover many motorway miles. If you do, I'd recommend a Skoda Octavia. The 1.9 TDI seems to be a tougher engine than the 2.0-litre and you'll get one from around 2009 with your budget. A good alternative is the Honda Accord with the 2.2-litre i-DTEC (if you can find one within budget) or a Toyota Avensis D-4D - there's a reason taxi drivers love them.
Answered by Andrew Brady

What's a suitable reliable upgrade from a Honda Accord?

"I've owned a 2005 diesel Honda Accord Tourer since new. I'm thinking of upgrading it to a more recent 2010 model Accord Tourer. I'm concerned that this has a DPF on it and with reliability & running costs in mind, would value you opinion as to whether this is a viable option or should I opt for a petrol model . I'm now only covering around 14,000 miles per year."
Only three reports of DPF problems on the Accord 2.2 i-DTEC. A friend has a CR-V auto with this engine that has done more than 100k miles with no trouble. Eventually the DPF will fill with ash, but that can be cleaned out for about £350 by the Ceramex process. Or, as you suggest, go for the petrol, but both the 2.0i and 2.4i feel a bit flat to drive.
Answered by Honest John

Buying an old diesel estate - which is best?

"I am looking to buy old diesel estate, that’s around eight to ten years old. I know all will have some issues, but I'm on a tight budget. I have whittled my list down to a Volkswagen Passat 1.9, a Honda Accord 2.2 TDCI, a Toyota Avensis 2.2D and a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI. Which would you buy?"
The B6 Passat is better than the 2005-2011 Passat that has a list of faults as long as your arm. Mondeos were good but seem to have been built to a life of around nine years. The Avensis would be a belt cam 2.0, not the chain cam 2.2 that did not arrive until 2006 and had some cylinder head problems.
Answered by Honest John
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