Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon (2006 – 2011) Review

Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon (2006 – 2011) At A Glance


+Stylish estate. Goes and handles just like an Alfa should. Strong performing JTDM diesels, Available with four-wheel drive.

-Driving position could be better. No spare wheel as standard. High rear load lip. Problems with 1.9 JTDM diesels.

Insurance Groups are between 18–30
On average it achieves 84% of the official MPG figure

The separate launch of the Sportwagon gave a chance to drive the 3.2 JTS V6 Q4 and get re-acquainted with the 1.9 JTDM.

Round the back it's a deep-booted high sill wagon; more like a hatchback than an estate. But there is plenty of room in the back with useful size cubbies and two fold down panels behind the rear wheels that either provide storage space behind or provide the width to take golf clubs. Boot volume is actually 445 litres, 10% more than the saloon and 24% more than the 156 Sportwagon. There is also a bit more headroom in the back seat, especially for the centre rear passenger. The rest is as the 159 saloon. Same engines. Same dashboard. Same controls.

Alfa Romeo 159 2006 Road Test


Real MPG average for a Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon (2006 – 2011)


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Average performance


Real MPG

16–49 mpg

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A driver that hit my car claims it wasn't him - do I need to do anything other than make a claim?

"On the 30 May 2017, an Audi S2 collided with my parked Alfa Romeo Sportwagon outside my house. It had to be written off. I have time-coded photos of the damaged Audi. It now seems that the other party is claiming to have been out of the country at the time and is therefore disputing liability. Do I simply complete our insurer's (Churchill) forms and let the insurers slug it out among themselves or do I need to involve a loss adjuster or claims handler?"
There's no way the other party can dispute liability if their vehicle caused damage to yours. The important thing is that they're insured, as it's under that contract of insurance that you're covered under the Road Traffic Act. Ask your insurer to contact the at fault party's insurer, advising that they require to inspect the other party's vehicle to carry out a causation report. They can then establish whether that vehicle has been involved in a collision with your vehicle. It is possible another vehicle has been on fake plates and hit your vehicle, and the other person is telling the truth, but should they have damage to their vehicle this will quickly unfold. You can then leave it with your insurers. Alternatively, issue proceedings directly against the driver of the other vehicle and put them in a position where they will be in contempt of court for lying under oath. This is a much more severe situation to be in than they may have envisaged.
Answered by Tim Kelly

Fiat-Alfa dealer not interested in my 'rough' engine

"Exeter Fiat-Alfa changed my inlet manifold and steering rack under warranty a few years ago. However they weren't interested in diagnosing what I thought was a rough running engine. They said 'if no warnings lights burn it's fine and that's just the way the car is'. So I thought okay and lived with what I thought was a normal car. Then I was quoted £850 for a cambelt change so I investigated other options. Auto Lusso in Ferndown did the job for £400 and also said that my engine was rough and they could easily fix it; and they did. I now have five cylinders firing smoothly for the first time in three and half years. Is my experience typical? "
Yes. FIAT/Alfa dealers vary in quality of service enormously.
Answered by Honest John

Buying a family estate

"I'm after a family estate which will see my loved Golf mk4 GTI being sold, and the estate being our sole car. I can't decide between an Alfa 159 2.4L JTDM sportwagon and a Mondeo TDCI (new shape) Titanium X. My head says the Ford, but I can't help lusting after the Alfa. My budget is £7500-8k and I'm looking for sub 80k miles. My partner and I have a two-year-old and a dog, so the Ford is the most practical, but me being a designer can't help but want the Alfa."
Use your head and choose the Ford.
Answered by Honest John

Which sensible but fun car could I buy to replace my Subaru Impreza WRX?

"I currently own an '08 plate Subaru Impreza WRX which I love dearly but, having been caught speeding (39 in a 30 zone!) earlier this year, I now have three points on my licence and my insurance premium has doubled. My current mpg is around 26 and I paid £435 for my tax 'til Feb 2011. I was thinking it might now be a good time to look for a sensible car to at least halve my fuel consumption, reduce my road tax dramatically and reduce my insurance costs as well. I have two small children and need five doors. I also love my cars and don't want anything too dull. I've been looking around but it's not an area I'm very familiar with and I would really welcome some suggestions."
We're not sure what you're budget is, but if you're after a five door car that's affordable to run but not dull we'd suggest considering something like an Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon, which is practical but stylish. The 1.9 JTDm 150bhp engine is economical too, with lower road tax of £155 a year. If you don't want anything that big, then a Honda Civic is a great five-door hatchback that's also very practical.
Answered by David Ross
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