BMW 3 Series Touring (2005 – 2012) Review

BMW 3 Series Touring (2005 – 2012) At A Glance


+Very good to drive. Exceptionally good 320d engine. Practical loadspace. Huge performance from 335i.

-Still reports of turbo failures on 320d.

Insurance Groups are between 22–38
On average it achieves 84% of the official MPG figure

The first time I drove an E90 3-Series I crashed it. We were supposed to be experiencing blowouts on a bend at a test track. The brief was to lock it on cruise control at 80, take it once round the bend like that, then, second time round, the passenger's job was to throw a switch that pulled the valve out of a back tyre. First blowout on ordinary tyres; second blowout on Bridgestone runflats.

Except I forgot that the bend after the 80mph bed tightened up and there was no way through it at 80 in cruise control. So we understeered onto some gravel, had a little 80mph rotation, kept the engine running, then got on with the real job.

And, of course, the car handled it brilliantly. Without Dynamic Stability Control, on standard tyres, the rapid deflation led to a spin. With DSC, it didn't. Then, without DSC, when the runflat deflated, the result was as undramatic as the standard tyres with DSC.

After that we did 10 miles on rural Italian roads in a 320i with a front runflat running flat. The 10 miles with a rear runflat running flat. All a very impressive demonstration of BMW DSC and Bridgestone runflats, but hardly a fair introduction to the new E90 3-Series.

So today, we went to Scotland and drove the new 320dSE Touring, which came on Michelin Pilot Primacy 205/55R16 runflats. This is likely to be the best-selling E91 3-Series Touring.

Road test BMW E91 320d and 325i Touring

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The DPF light has come on in my car despite doing lots of miles - why has this happened?
"I have a 2008 BMW 3 Series Touring 3.0d. I do 20,000 miles per year on A roads, at high speeds, and change the oil and filter very regularly. A diesel particle filter warning light has now come on. Why has this happened as the car has only done 89,000 miles?"
The DPFs on these often fill up with ash from around 80,000 miles after which the DPF cannot passively or actively regenerate. I think you either need to send the DPF to Ceramex to be chemically cleaned or replace it (£400 - £1200).
Answered by Honest John
What problems should I look out for on my 10 year old BMW?
"I own 57 plate BMW 335i M sport Touring with 65k miles on the clock. We are the second owners of the car which we acquired from a main dealer 4 years ago. We do 5k miles a year hence the choice of a fun petrol car over a frugal diesel. The car drives well and all maintenance is through a main dealer. As the car is 10 years old what sort of maintenance problems are likely to come our way over the next few and can we expect some big bills?"
Get the timing chains and tensioners carefully checked. Wise to replace the turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes because they could be partially blocked with carbon. Wise to replace coolant and brake fluid as well.
Answered by Honest John
Can I fit Sachs dampers to my BMW 320d Touring?
"While swapping over to winter tyres on my 2011 BMW 320d Touring I noticed that the rubber bellows on one of the rear shock absorbers was damp and disintegrating. The main dealer wants over £600 for the new part, while a local independent garage is offering to fit a pair of Sachs dampers for £300. What would you advise?"
Make sure that the Sachs dampers are correct for the Touring. They may be dampers for the saloon.
Answered by Honest John
Problem addressed in warranty that continues after warranty period - what can I do?
"My recently purchased BMW (08) has developed an engine sensor and injector fault. Dealer has approved repair, but should other items such as coil also be fitted? If they are not, and the fault happens again outside warranty (one month of three month warranty left) where will I stand, please?"
The dealer is liable for any fault that could have been present or developing on date of sale for 6 months from date of sale. Nothing to do with warranties.
Answered by Honest John
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